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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys vs. Lions: ‘Just run away from 11’

Saturday night’s Cowboys win means it is time for one thing... TROLLING THE NATION!

NFL: DEC 30 Lions at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As we like to do after Cowboys wins, today we’re going to look at what fans of other NFL teams had to say while they were watching the Cowboys outlast the Lions 20-19.

So sit back and re-live Saturday’s game via the comments made by other football fans during the game. Today we’ve got a smattering of comments from Steelers, Dolphins, Patriots, Broncos, Chiefs, Packers, Vikings, Falcons, Commanders, 49ers, Seahawks, Eagles, and - of course - Lions fans on the menu.

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Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Lions I’m should be watching this game from a padded room.
WoodchuckHunter | 19:47 EDT
Chiefs Here we goooooo…
Oldetyme Chief | 20:00 EDT
Lions All things considered I'll take that FG.
RoyalGoal85 | 20:24 EDT
(10:46) DET field goal is GOOD.
DAL 0 - DET 3
Seahawks Announcer talks about how good Dallas OL is, immediately gets stuffed in the backfield.
xcso | 20:29 EDT
Lions Also the Cowboys TEs are a who's who of late 2010s Big Ten tight ends.
Bagels are for champions | 20:30 EDT
Lions Third down really is our achilles heel.
Kitbuddy | 20:30 EDT
(7:59) D.Prescott pass short right intended for C.Lamb INTERCEPTED.
Lions Iffy!!!
entertained | 20:31 EDT
Lions Iffy you magnificent bastard!
Rampnasty | 20:31 EDT
Eagles Yeah here we go.
Hammertime2021 | 20:32 EDT
Lions The Cowboys absolutely positively cannot run. So shut down their one-dimensional garbage.
Minute Bull | 20:32 EDT
Lions I hate third-and-long.
Kitbuddy | 20:37 EDT
(4:28) DET punts
Lions It's ok, play that field position battle.
kevster | 20:38 EDT
Lions Really needed points there.
Mr.Rogers | 20:38 EDT
(3:26) D.Prescott pass deep right to C.Lamb for 92 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 7 - DET 3
Lions omg
kevster | 20:42 EDT
Lions So much for limiting Lamb...
entertained | 20:43 EDT
Eagles Dak is good, I get he is inconsistent sometimes, but the dude is definitely good.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 20:43 EDT
Lions PERFECT defensive play call and Barnes runs right past Dak. Unbelievable.
CleanAsAWhistle | 20:44 EDT
Lions Probably the most lionneque thing I’ve seen for years. How do you miss that tackle.
Detsports | 20:45 EDT
49ers My hate for the Cowboys supersedes the mild benefit the 49ers get if the Lions lose. So I'll root for a tie.
MontanaMagic16 | 20:45 EDT
It’s been a weird season. Rooting for Seattle and Dallas have been very strange experiences.
Sticks49 | 20:51 EDT
Lions I’m sorry, but how can one team be this bad on third and long?! It’s comical!
Vosher | 20:47 EDT
49ers Imagine we had Cee Dee instead of Kinlaw
Letspurdy! | 20:48 EDT
Lions Lamb 2 catches 123 yards in first quarter
MI Brew | 20:48 EDT
(1:07) DET punts
Lions Well so far Dallas is winning the 3rd down battles. Better game plan apparently.
RoyalGoal85 | 20:51 EDT
Lions They’re just going to air it out every play now. Why not?
SwordOfIfeatu | 20:52 EDT
Lions Dan Quinn schooling young Ben Johnson so far
Minute Bull | 20:53 EDT
Lions I don’t know why anyone bothers to establish the run against us. No need to keep this defense honest. They know everyone is going to throw and still can’t do a dang thing about it
HeresToHopeful | 20:54 EDT
(:28) 3-15-DAL 15: T.Pollard left end to DAL 15 for no gain.
Lions I'm so glad the cheese curds clogged McCarthy's brain and he called a dumbass play like that instead of just chucking deep on 3rd and 14
Bagels are for champions | 20:56 EDT
Deep in territory. Smart not to throw.
Daredevil1 | 20:58 EDT
idk, their TD came on 3rd and 12 from their own 8
Bagels are for champions | 20:58 EDT
Lions Cowboys may have helped the Lions there. I was positive that would be a first down if they threw.
Griddy313 | 20:57 EDT
Lions McCarthy had a brain fart there.
Treef!try | 20:58 EDT

Second Quarter
(14:49) DAL Punts
(14:04) J.Goff pass INTERCEPTED by J.Lewis
Lions I hate that tunnel screen back to the short side of the field play call. I feel like it's been close to being picked the last 3 or 4 weeks.
Bagels are for champions | 21:01 EDT
Lions oof.
entertained | 21:01 EDT
Lions How in the heck do you throw an interception on a screen pass.
HeresToHopeful | 21:01 EDT
Lions Can not call slow developing plays against these Cowboys, they are extremely aggressive.
Braamer | 21:03 EDT
Lions God has left Detroit.
GoBlueGoSpurs | 21:03 EDT
Eagles Shesh…that’s a pretty impressive pic. Yay Dallas.
OnlyCatchesTDs | 21:03 EDT
Lions Coach Meathead has em ready today. Rah rah!
SeaSparrow | 21:05 EDT
Lions Still think that's a dumb rule.
akadwriter84 | 21:08 EDT
Lions 14-3
Derek1800 | 21:08 EDT
(10:38) D.Prescott pass to C.Lamb to DET 1. FUMBLES, ball out of bounds in End Zone, Touchback.
Lions Touchback.
ZibbityBop | 21:08 EDT
Bagels are for champions | 21:09 EDT
Eagles Good grief…December Dallas is alive and well.
OnlyCatchesTDs | 21:09 EDT
49ers These teams are like the polite chipmunks, no, you win, no you win.
80849er | 21:10 EDT
49ers Such a dumb rule, but hard to complain when it happens to Dallas...
Grandoo | 21:10 EDT
Lions Dallas isn’t beating us right now. We are beating ourselves.
HeresToHopeful | 21:10 EDT
Dallas beating themselves too.
MI Brew | 21:10 EDT
Vikings Worst rule in sports again....
Turn the Page | 21:10 EDT
Lions The pressure is immediate. I'm zero surprised that we're struggling like this.
rames | 21:11 EDT
Lions I hate this game, I'm going to die
ZibbityBop | 21:11 EDT
(10:01) 4th & 2 at DET 28, Punt Formation: J.Reeves-Maybin pass deep right to K.Dorsey to DAL 41 for 31 yards.
Lions YESSSSSS!!!!!
akadwriter84 | 21:11 EDT
Lions Gambling Dan!!
SomeMistakesWereMade | 21:11 EDT
Steelers Dan Campbell has balls of adamantium…
NAS204PSU | 21:11 EDT
He's lost them on a couple games.
Polamolicules Dude | 21:12 EDT
Meh, happens to the best of us… my wife keeps mine in a jar.
NAS204PSU | 21:15 EDT
Lions Dan Campbell needs to be institutionalized LMAO
Bagels are for champions | 21:12 EDT
Seahawks Lions able to run against Cowboy's D.....impressive!
JOYSEE-B | 21:13 EDT
Lions Take the 3 ....
MrNomad | 21:15 EDT
Lions Fg please
Detsports | 21:15 EDT
Lions Take the points
NDLionss | 21:16 EDT
(5:39) 4th & 4 at DAL 4: Goff pass incomplete short middle to S.LaPorta. Turnover on downs.
Lions All of us but Dan.
Detsports | 21:16 EDT
Eagles Take the freaking field goal! Just dumb. It was 4th & goal from the 4. Not from the 1. You have to take the points there.
nononono | 21:17 EDT
Lions Gee, who didn't see that coming?
Rampnasty | 21:17 EDT
Lions That was dumb.
SomeMistakesWereMade | 21:17 EDT
Lions Need to take the points there. Especially when your line can't block.
Alantrammell1977 | 21:18 EDT
Vikings I would've kicked a FG there. Dallas is tough to beat @ Dallas.
chaosg | 21:18 EDT
Packers How do you not kick the FG there? I get it if you were at the 1 or 2 yard line, but not the 4 or 5.
KnxPacker | 21:18 EDT
Lions I love aggression but read the freaking room. Struggling to get a half a second to throw the ball three plays in a row. Take the points when they’re there.
NDLionss | 21:18 EDT
Dolphins Why don’t teams take the points this early in the game now those 3 points may be needed late game.
Wildfin22 | 21:18 EDT
Dolphins Lamm did a great job on Micah, he wasn't a factor.
heatforlife | 21:20 EDT
He said Lamm was holding
Wildfin22 | 21:21 EDT
Did a great job on him.
heatforlife | 21:22 EDT
Dolphins CeeDee gonna have 200 by half time!
finfanfromsiam | 21:22 EDT
Seahawks Crazy decision to not kick the field goal so early.
JOYSEE-B | 21:22 EDT
Lions Lamb might shatter a record tonight.
KCPhoenix_11 | 21:22 EDT
Lions CD Lamb is eating us alive.
MrNomad | 21:22 EDT
(1:40) DAL punts
Lions I’m just happy it’s not 32-7 going into second half for Dallas.
Boxcar99 | 21:33 EDT
Seahawks That might be the worst 2 min drill play calling and clock management that I have seen...
zebrashy | 21:33 EDT
Lions 3-7 is a gift...I'll take it!
mongo71 | 21:36 EDT
49ers Charles Haley … What the [Fraggle Rock]! You're supposed to be a 9ers demon !!!!!
BigMar | 21:42 EDT
Demons aren't loyal.
bignerd | 21:43 EDT
We're the fools that dumped him.
goldenpurdy | 21:53 EDT
Dolphins Jimmy thanks the people who despise Dallas and its fans. You're welcome, Jimmy!
Fiasco Jones | 21:48 EDT
Broncos I was 11 when the Cowboys destroyed my dreams in the Super Bowl. I have zero love for the organization for life. Butch Johnson did not catch that ball. Fight me.
vichercules | 21:49 EDT

The unexciting third Quarter
Lions Lamb is going to end up having 200+ yards by the time this is over.
JayBDet | 21:53 EDT
Lions Hey they actually stopped them on 3rd down!
RoyalGoal85 | 21:55 EDT
(12:00) DAL punts
Lions I hope Ben takes a page out of Monty Python and goes all “Now for something completely different!”
Vosher | 21:58 EDT
Lions I did not expect a defensive battle, like it is so far.
Guaransheed | 21:59 EDT
Lions Just run away from 11.
ZibbityBop | 22:00 EDT
Lions Too many running plays. Dallas has it figured out and is getting a ton of TFL. Why the flip aren't they changing it up?
RoyalGoal85 | 22:04 EDT
Eagles Why is the RB lining up so deep in the backfield when it’s clear that the OL can’t block Micah or Lawrence? Just asking to get dropped for a loss.
nononono | 22:06 EDT
(4:34) D.Montgomery left guard for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 7 - DET 10
Lions TD Montgomery!
RoyalGoal85 | 22:06 EDT
Commanders Finally a TD! If Dallas loses tonight, we'll see Trey Lance next week.
Demj | 22:07 EDT
And he will light up our sorry defense too.
Kush1 | 22:12 EDT
Lions Huge! We should be blowing them out. Happy that we are winning.
Rampnasty | 22:08 EDT
Steelers Loving how quiet this stadium is. Shutting up 90,000 Cowboys fans at one time must be very close to Utopia.
RenoSteelersFan | 22:08 EDT
Lions My score prediction was way too high. What a defensive juggernaut.
Long Time Lions Fan | 22:12 EDT
Dolphins Cee Dee Lamb is a baller.
Wildfin22 | 22:18 EDT
(0:23) B.Aubrey 51 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 10 - DET 10
Lions Nice to have a kicker like that.
Guaransheed | 22:20 EDT
Seahawks Cowboys found their kicker on the USFL, and Niners spent a third for theirs, who's not that good.
lgfp | 22:21 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Lions Gotta get a TD. Gotta get a TD.
LionsOptimist | 22:28 EDT
Lions Tried to draw em offside for the 1st. FG gets us the lead.
Long Time Lions Fan | 22:31 EDT
(12:18) DET field goal is GOOD
DAL 10 - DET 13
Lions Lions are whipping their [tooshies] ... I know the score doesn’t show it.
MilkMoney1 | 22:37 EDT
I'm not sure any part of the box score shows this lol.
Bagels are for champions | 22:37 EDT
Lions Why is someone always WIDE OPEN?
LionBlueSince82 | 22:38 EDT
Lions Welp, this one is going for 7...offense is going to need to respond.
Kitbuddy | 22:39 EDT
Lions Dallas line and players seem stronger and in better condition.
RoyalGoal85 | 22:39 EDT
(7:20) D.Prescott pass short right to B.Cooks for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 17 - DET 13
Lions Defense finally broke on that drive. Let's hope they get it back together
Minute Bull | 22:41 EDT
Seahawks Detroit is in control of its own destiny, but I wouldn't bet on them.
Soggyblogger | 22:41 EDT
Lions I hope Goff has a Stafford like drive in him, but I'm not confident
ZibbityBop | 22:42 EDT
Eagles Too many Kelce commercials.
IrishSteve | 22:44 EDT
(5:52) DET punts
Broncos Wish we had drafted Micah Parsons, a game wrecker.
ElwayFanJ | 22:47 EDT
Commanders Cowboys fans in Dallas are almost as loud as they are when they play us in Landover!!!!
Kush1 | 22:48 EDT
Lions 3 for 12 on 3rd downs tonight.
MereSurmiseSir | 22:48 EDT
Lions 3rd and 10. Another freaking Dallas conversion.
RoyalGoal85 | 22:53 EDT
Eagles I’m going to be hearing “Here we go” in my dreams tonight.
IrishSteve | 22:55 EDT
Lions Three sacks. A Hutch trick.
oldfatbaldguy | 22:55 EDT
Steelers How do you not run the football and kill clock? Craziness
The Gif Sgt | 22:55 EDT
(2:33) DAL punts
(2:05) J.Goff pass short left intended for S.LaPorta INTERCEPTED by D.Wilson
49ers Goof gonna goof.
MD.IV | 22:58 EDT
Lions Hahahahaha Goff being Goff.
RoyalGoal85 | 22:58 EDT
Lions That about seals it
spdrcr557(nate) | 22:58 EDT
Eagles It’s amazing how much better Dallas CBs are than ours.
(Un) | 22:59 EDT
Seahawks Dallas was waiting for that one all night. Goff throws a terrible out pass.
sas1969 | 22:59 EDT
Lions Game on the line: Let's leave Lamb single covered.
Rampnasty | 23:03 EDT
Steelers Cam Sutton will end up with PTSD after what Lamb has done to him tonight.
bone1978 | 23:04 EDT
(1:55) 2-14-DET 33: D.Prescott pass incomplete deep right to B.Cooks.
Eagles Why is Dallas doing throwing the ball there? McCarthy is an idiot.
bebopdeluxe | 23:04 EDT
49ers What is McCarthy calling long passes for? [Son of a gun] wants to lose?
Sticks49 | 23:05 EDT
Even if the Cowboys win I'll still have had a good laugh so its a win win.
49forLife | 23:07 EDT
Lions Mike McCarthy up to his old stupid clock tricks, giving us a shot.
ahtrap | 23:06 EDT
Seahawks Horrible play calling by McCarthy
HawkHawk | 23:06 EDT
(1:41) B.Aubrey 43 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 20 - DET 13
Eagles I hope Detroit gets a TD, goes for 2 and doesn’t get it. Best case scenario for us seeding wise and makes Dallas D look silly.
Kwahu | 23:06 EDT
Lions By some miracle if they get a TD. Just go for 2. Nothing to lose.
Griddy313 | 23:07 EDT
Lions Prevent defense is dumb.
Bagels are for champions | 23:09 EDT
Eagles Micah gets held a lot and doesn’t get calls.
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 23:09 EDT
Packers MM clock management is still alive. Chance to burn clock and ice the game? Oh no no...let's throw a super low percentage deep shot and stop the clock on 3rd and 14.
Y2 Banana Left | 23:09 EDT
Lions This really looks like Dallas just giving up, how do you let this happen unintentionally.
ZibbityBop | 23:10 EDT
(0:23) J.Goff pass short right to A.St. Brown for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 20 - DET 19
Lions TD!
FREENotBiased-GoBlue17 | 23:11 EDT
Lions St Brown!!!
RoyalGoal85 | 23:11 EDT
Jim Herrmann ONE MAN BAND | 23:12 EDT
Lions OMG, he's going for it!
kevster | 23:12 EDT
Lions Just tie it! OMG
LionBlueSince82 | 23:12 EDT
Eagles Mike McCarthy, lol man. Passing with <2m left.
persogio | 23:12 EDT
Eagles Lions have sucked on short yardage. This is so dumb.
CyclingGeo | 23:13 EDT
PENALTY on DET-T.Decker, Illegal Touch Pass,
Lions Taylor FREAKING Decker!
Dark_Elf | 23:14 EDT
Commanders Dan Campbell is everything Rivera is not.
GhostofJKCooke | 23:14 EDT
I dunno, there were some pretty bad decisions at the end there...
OffSeasonOptimist | 23:17 EDT
Yeah - I saw A LOT of Rivera in the subborness to KEEP trying for 2 when they'd used their best - and then their seecond-best - 2-point play. Just stupidity. The hallmark of Rivera's time in Washington.
Klammer | 23:54 EDT
Lions Our coach is a lunatic.
golionsgo | 23:14 EDT
Kitbuddy | 23:14 EDT
Lions Reynolds is covering him up, isn't he?
oldfatbaldguy | 23:15 EDT
Lions Have to kick it here.
Griddy313 | 23:15 EDT
Lions Kick it now.
JAM01 | 23:15 EDT
Eagles Who goes for two from the 7 yard line?
(Un) | 23:16 EDT
Lions Just kick it now, please.
Griddy313 | 23:16 EDT
Lions KICK IT!
Mrcogburn | 23:16 EDT
TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT J.Goff pass to A.St. Brown is incomplete. ATTEMPT FAILS.
PENALTY on DAL-M.Parsons, Defensive Offside
Lions Offsides.
Rampnasty | 23:16 EDT
SpaceAlf | 23:16 EDT
J.Goff pass to J.Mitchell is incomplete.
Lions After all that....ffffffffff
ahtrap | 23:17 EDT
Broncos Campbell is dumb. This isn’t smart football.
cskilly1 | 23:17 EDT
The Lions lost this one early when Cambpell went for it on 4th and goal from the five.
orangenorth | 23:25 EDT
Fine line between genius and crazy. Campbell bounced across it a few times tonight.
vichercules | 23:27 EDT
Eagles What the heck am I watching.
HiSyn | 23:17 EDT
Lions Give Goff his walking papers.
J2James | 23:17 EDT
Lions Should have kicked after the penalty.
oldfatbaldguy | 23:17 EDT
Seahawks What an idiot, you simply can't go for it 3 times on a 2-point conversion that far out from the goal line.
SpaceAlf | 23:17 EDT
Steelers More stubborn than Tomlin.
Toronto Steeler Fan | 23:17 EDT
Eagles Just kick the extra point!!!!
Whoissantaclaus? | 23:17 EDT
Steelers Stupid Lions. Kick the PAT. Idiots.
Yinzer. | 23:17 EDT
Eagles Twas just dumb stubborn coaching.
axmanchops | 23:18 EDT
49ers The end of game coaching on both sides is absolutely ridiculous...
Grandoo | 23:18 EDT
Commanders I liked Dan Campbell as a coach until this game. What a stupid, stupid decision to keep going for 2.
Klammer | 23:18 EDT
49ers If anyone had any question about whether Dan Campbell was on the MENSA ten most wanted...
no_such_thing_as_nothing | 23:18 EDT
49ers Ok, thank you Lions and Campbell. What is this, he doesn't want to just kick the extra point? Nuts, just nuts.
Oldtime9er | 23:18 EDT
Lions By the third try...Campbell should have seen the writing on the wall
SuperMyth | 23:18 EDT
49ers I like Dan Campbell, but [Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat] was that a stupid sequence. You're playing for the #1 seed still. What in the absolute [tarnation].
echo1niner | 23:19 EDT
Commanders Soooooooo stupid .... If at first you don't succeed try three more times???? C'mon, kick it.
Kush1 | 23:19 EDT
Seahawks Dude is obsessed with going for two. Makes no sense. NONE.
SpaceAlf | 23:19 EDT
Eagles Decker : From celebrated winning Touchdown Maker to Dunderhead in 30-45 seconds real time…
ClayBidwell | 23:20 EDT
Dolphins Cowboys going nowhere with McCarthy as coach.
dwdw | 23:20 EDT
Lions Plain stupid to go for it on play from 7 yards out versus tying with an extra point.
everyhumanpride | 23:20 EDT
49ers All Niners fans would like to extend their thanks to Dan Campbell for being a stubborn [ole bastard] lol
Oldtime9er | 23:20 EDT
Falcons That [Hershey squirt] was the weakest thing I have ever seen. Dude failed to report. Weaker than cat [tinkle].
ornithologist | 23:21 EDT
Commanders Look, I'm by no means a Cowboy's fan, but their win bodes better for the Skins. There's no way we're going to beat them next week anyways, but as a professional tanker, yours truly, we have to protect our flanks.
RagsToRigginsIsBack | 23:21 EDT
49ers That was an all-time dumb decision by Campbell. Like seriously dumb. What is the thought process?
Gimmegore | 23:22 EDT
Kinda presumptuous to call it a "thought" process...
echo1niner | 23:23 EDT
Eagles The Cowboys are Ceedee Lamb. Without him, they aren't anything on offense. Problem is, no team in the 2nd half of the season has been able to stop him.
PHL2PDX | 23:23 EDT
49ers Dan Quinn’s prevent defense almost screwed the pooch. That and McCarthy throwing the ball at the end, and Campbell going for 2 points from the 5. What a bunch of bonehead coaching decisions.
Sticks49 | 23:23 EDT
Patriots Dan Campbell is an absolute lunatic. Most teams would be screaming to fire their HC after an abomination like that.
teachmehowtoDougie99 | 23:24 EDT
Patriots Stupid decision to go for it in the first place but you’d think after two failed attempts they’d just kick the PAT. I count a dumb penalty like that as a failed attempt.
LouBeans | 23:42 EDT

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