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2023 NFL Week 14 Power Rankings: Dallas Cowboys looking like one of league’s best

Our latest NFL power rankings, including where outlets across the internet have the Dallas Cowboys.

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Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We have finally returned to normalcy as far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned. For the first time in a while the Cowboys are preparing to play a game on a Sunday, but thankfully they have been taking care of business while operating on different days of the week.

The upcoming matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles looks incredible on paper and obviously division rivalries are full of all sorts of tension. These are two of the better teams in the league squaring off, but where exactly do they rank across the NFL as a whole?

It is time for the latest batch of our power rankings including our collection of where outlets across the internet have the Cowboys.

You can see last week’s rankings right here.

1. San Francisco 49ers, 9-3 (LW: 2)

It was so much fun watching them help us out on Sunday.

But it was equally terrifying. They look impossible to stop right now.

2. Dallas Cowboys, 9-3 (LW: 3)

Yes, number two.

The Cowboys are one of only two teams to rank inside of the top 10 in offensive, defensive and special teams DVOA (Kansas City). They are finding the proper version of themselves and are coming off of mini-bye with a chance to take it to a new level. I believe.

3. Philadelphia Eagles, 10-2 (LW: 1)

It would be foolish to drop them significantly based on everything we have seen from them for so long, but the Eagles are starting to fade a bit. Their work to this point has bought them a little room for error, but the Cowboys can really change that if they beat them on Sunday.

4. Baltimore Ravens, 9-3 (LW: 4)

Back off the bye and eyeing the top seed in the AFC.

Speaking of, Baltimore still has a trip to San Francisco on their schedule this season. If somehow the Cowboys keep winning and catch another loss from the Eagles (assuming they handle them themselves) a Ravens win against the 49ers opens the door for Dallas themselves to have the top seed in their conference.

5. Miami Dolphins, 9-3 (LW: 7)

Tyreek Hill deserves better MVP odds. He is insane. Tua Tagovailoa is also playing at such a high level.

6. Detroit Lions, 9-3 (LW: 8)

There is no question that they are one of the better teams in the NFL, but it is growing more and more difficult to trust that defense of theirs.

7. Kansas City Chiefs, 8-4 (LW: 5)

Patrick Mahomes is amazing, but right now he does not seem to have a difference-making pass catcher on his team. That is not exactly a good thing.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars, 8-4 (LW: 6)

Really hoping Trevor Lawrence is alright.

9. Houston Texans, 7-5 (LW: 10)

If their defense can carry their team and become a stout unit in and of itself to go along with C.J. Stroud, this team is going to be fun for a very long time.

10. Buffalo Bills, 6-6 (LW: 11)

We will see them next Sunday, but before then they will head on out to Arrowhead for a massive game.

11. Green Bay Packers, 6-6 (LW: 15)

They may have done it again. Boo.

12. Indianapolis Colts, 7-5 (LW: 12)

Shane Steichen deserves Coach of the Year.

There are obviously other legitimate contenders, but he has done the most with the least.

13. Los Angeles Rams, 6-6 (LW: 13)

Are they going to sneak into the playoffs? It kind of feels like they are.

14. Cleveland Browns, 7-5 (LW: 9)

The Joe Flacco thing was fun for just a bit but ultimately this team seems to be losing steam down the stretch.

15. Seattle Seahawks, 6-6 (LW: 14)

We are BIG fans of them for the next two weeks as they will visit San Francisco and host Philadelphia. Get it done.

16. Atlanta Falcons, 6-6 (LW: 16)

Will we be seeing them in a month or so?

17. Cincinnati Bengals, 6-6 (LW: 20)

Give it up for Jake Browning, ladies and gentlemen.

Seriously though, what a tough team. Super impressive performance.

18. Denver Broncos, 6-6 (LW: 17)

Sunday’s loss was critical. They are better than the joke that they were, but their future is still so weirdly unknown.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers, 7-5 (LW: 18)

Losing the way that they did was such a tough scene. Nobody wants to watch them on Thursday night.

20. Minnesota Vikings, 6-6 (LW: 22)

Welcome back from the bye.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-7 (LW: 23)

They are hanging on to hope in both the divisional and wildcard races, but they have to take care of business this week against Atlanta to have a real shot at hosting another playoff game.

22. New Orleans Saints, 5-7 (LW: 21)

Their odds of winning the NFC South appear to be sinking fast.

23. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-7 (LW: 19)

They won, but how good do you feel about a 6-0 victory?

I do not want to act like Kellen Moore was awful for our team, but this is next level dysfunction.

24. Las Vegas Raiders, 5-6 (LW: 24)

They are a professional football team. That’s about all I’ve got on the Raiders right now.

25. Arizona Cardinals, 3-10 (LW: 29)

Perhaps they can win their next game that takes place in the state of Pennsylvania, too?

26. Tennessee Titans, 4-8 (LW: 25)

Will Levis is somewhat intriguing, but this team is just in a weird place overall.

It feels like they need a reset in a big way.

27. New York Giants, 4-8 (LW: 26)

At least they did not lose this week.

28. Washington Commanders, 4-9 (LW: 27)

They did.

29. Chicago Bears, 4-8 (LW: 28)

Also safe from the loss bug.

30. New York Jets, 4-8 (LW: 30)

They do not even have someone who wants to play quarterback for them!

31. New England Patriots, 2-10 (LW: 31)

The times, they are tough.

32. Carolina Panthers, 1-11 (LW: 32)

Legitimately cannot imagine being this bad and not having your first-round pick. 4 (LW: 5)

Moving on up.

Since the loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys have gone 4-0, winning the first three of those games by an average of 30 points. This past Thursday’s triumph was notable for the fact that Dallas never panicked despite Seattle leading for much of the second half. It’s a testament to how dangerous the Cowboys’ offense has become, even if the defense struggled to get off the field against the Seahawks. But the ‘Boys now have extra rest coming into the big rematch against the Eagles in Dallas next Sunday night. The Eagles’ Week 13 loss really invigorated the races for the NFC East crown and the conference’s top seed. Dallas has won 14 straight at AT&T Stadium, but the defense will have some work to do after the Seahawks diced it up.

ESPN: 5 (LW: 5)

No movement here. They also included a pleasant surprise for each team and the Cowboys choice was rather obvious.

Pleasant surprise: CB DaRon Bland

Who else could it be? Bland leads the NFL with eight interceptions, and his five pick-sixes are a single-season NFL record. All this while filling in for Pro Bowl CB Trevon Diggs, who suffered a season-ending torn ACL in his left knee in a Week 3 practice. The Cowboys thought they would be OK with Bland, who had five picks last year to lead the team, but they couldn’t have expected he would do this. In his past two games, he has given up a lot of catches and yards, so maybe he is hitting some kind of wall or just learning what life is like for a regular cornerback. — Todd Archer

USA Today: 4 (LW: 5)

Another number four.

Beat the Eagles on Sunday, and that’s 15 victories in a row at AT&T Stadium – not to mention first place in the NFC East. And, naturally, that’s important because a division title guarantees at least one playoff game at home – where Dallas just became the third team in league annals to score at least 30 points in its first six games in its own yard to start a season. The Cowboys are also the fifth team to crack 40 points in four consecutive home games.

Yahoo: 4 (LW: 7)

This outlet had the lowest ranking on the Cowboys last week so had the most room for a significant jump this one.

The Cowboys had a big week. They pulled out a win against a desperate Seahawks team. Then they watched the Eagles come back to them in the NFC East race with a loss. The Eagles still have some tiebreaker edges, but a Week 14 Cowboys home win over the Eagles would tie up the division race.

CBS Sports: 3 (LW: 2)

Dropped the Cowboys after last week. San Francisco and Philadelphia (in that order) hold the top two spots here.

The defense let them down against the Seahawks, but the offense came up big. Dak Prescott is firmly in the MVP conversation.

The Athletic: 3 (LW: 5)

This is the only outlet besides us to have the Cowboys ahead of Philadelphia. The Eagles are at number 5 here.

The Cowboys can beat anybody when Dak Prescott plays like he did Thursday night against the Seahawks. Prescott was 29-for-41 for 299 yards and three touchdowns, and Dallas scored on eight of its nine possessions. For the season, he is second in EPA per attempt (0.30) and passer rating (108.3). However, Dak does have “those days.” He’s had a negative EPA per attempt twice this year. The Cowboys have lost both games (to Arizona and San Francisco).

Sports Illustrated: 6 (LW: 6)

No change.

The Cowboys survived an uproarious Seahawks team to further bolster the MVP candidacy of Dak Prescott. Since Halloween, the Cowboys quarterback has been nothing short of excellent. And while that stretch has included generous dates with the Panthers, Rams, Commanders and Giants, Prescott is playing well against the contenders, too.

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