Cowboys Fans Need to Stop Whining about Waiting 28 Years

Seriously. Compared to most fan bases, we've had it easy. Waiting a long long time for a championship is just part of the football fan experience. Why should we be any different? The Cowboys might have the largest fan base and the America's Team moniker, but that doesn't grant us any special privilege in obtaining a championship. Too many Cowboy fans act like we are owed a championship. If I had a dollar (used to say a penny but, you know, inflation) for every time I saw a post complaining that this team always underperforms because the players have an entitlement problem, and that Jerry Jones is the source. If the players have a problem with entitlement, believe me, it sure ain't coming from Jerry Jones. Cowboy fans need to look in the mirror.

And if you think waiting 28 years is unbearable, I hope you have good health insurance. Because check this out:

The first number is the worst stretch of years a fanbase has had to endure between championships (or for the first one, or in some cases they're still waiting). Followed by the current wait time in years. So obviously if the two numbers are the same they are currently living in the worst stretch of their team's history.

ARI 76/76

DET 66/66

MIN 63/63

TEN 62/62

LAC 60/60

BUF 58/58

ATL 57/57

PHI 57/6

CLE 56/56

CIN 55/55

NYJ 55/55

MIA 50/50

KC 50/1

LAR 48/2

NO 42/14

PIT 41/15

NE 41/5

LV 40/40

WAS 40/32

CHI 38/38

SEA 37/10

DEN 37/8

IND 36/17

SF 31/29

NYG 30/12

GB 29/13

JAC 28/28

CAR 28/28

DAL 28/28

TB 26/3

HOU 21/21

BAL 12/11

Even regarding current wait time we are still in the middle of the pack, #15 to be precise. But there are only 3 teams who have never had to wait longer than us. I sure hope the Curse of Jimmy Johnson is a real thing and our wait is about to be over, but cold history says it would be the exception and not the rule.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.