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Adam Vinatieri almost chose the Dallas Cowboys in free agency back in 2006

A look down ‘What If’ lane.

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It is usually never fun to ask ‘what if’ in the world of sports. This is true because you are usually asking a ‘what if’ for a reason. The very nature of a ‘what if’ is wondering what another reality would look like and oftentimes you are considering that because the one you are in is not exactly fun. Where is Dr. Strange when you need him?

If we allow ourselves to explore other universes, there are all kinds as far as how they relate to the Dallas Cowboys. Somewhere out there T.J. Watt is terrorizing quarterbacks with a star on his helmet, shoot if former NFL running back Chris Johnson had his way, he would have ran for 2,000 yards in a Cowboys uniform as opposed to a Tennessee Titans one.

We are exploring a different ‘what if’ and this one has to do with a kicker!

Adam Vinatieri almost chose the Dallas Cowboys in free agency back in 2006

There are some Dallas Cowboys seasons that stick out in different ways with regards to history and 2006 was one of those. A big reason for the prominence that 2006 holds has to do with Tony Romo taking over as the starting quarterback in October of that campaign. We talk so much in the here and now about how the Cowboys avoid bigger names in free agency, but that was definitely not the case prior to the season in question. Many remember the Cowboys signing wide receiver Terrell Owens (or as Bill Parcells referred to him as... “The Player”) but they also took a huge swing on a kicker.

That offseason Mike Vanderjagt became available after a run with the Indianapolis Colts and did not even finish the season for the Cowboys. The post that Vanderjagt left behind in Indy was filled by Adam Vinatieri who was a pivotal part in the Colts run that saw them win Super Bowl XLI, their first (and so far only) in Indianapolis.

As a part of the lead-up to Super Bowl LVII we have been speaking with some notable Dallas Cowboys people as well as NFL stars of the past and present. On Thursday, we were fortunate to catch up with legendary kicker Adam Vinatieri thanks to our friends at DiGiorno and he noted that he considered joining the Cowboys back in that 2006 offseason.

Vinatieri noted that Bill Parcells was a big reason why he considered the Cowboys and 2006 was the last one that Parcells coached in Dallas. If you are unaware, Vinatieri played for Parcells in New England and they were both a part of the team that lost Super Bowl XXXI to the Green Bay Packers.

Nothing is ever apples to apples, but if Vinatieri had played for Dallas as long as he did Indianapolis then he would have played through part of the 2019 season which was the second season that the Cowboys played without Dan Bailey. It sure would have been nice to have had some serious consistency there for a decade and a half.

Vinatieri joined us on behalf of DiGiorno. If any field goal or PAT attempt hits the uprights or crossbar and Doinks during Sunday’s Big Game then DiGiorno will give away free pizza. Enter at for a chance to win.

Our thanks to Adam Vinatieri and DiGiorno for the time.

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