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Stefon Diggs seems open to the idea of joining his brother Trevon Diggs with the Dallas Cowboys

After Trevon Diggs told us that he wants Stefon Diggs in Dallas, Stefon replied.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Idle hands. You know how they can be.

With the Super Bowl taking place on Sunday afternoon there are 30 teams left with nothing to do but look to the future, and when you do you have to dream a little. Sometimes when you dream you wind up with something worth pursuing and the next few months will ultimately tell us what the Dallas Cowboys deem worth going after.

While we will have to wait and see what the Cowboys themselves find worth pursuing, we certainly know what some of their players want to see happen. Earlier this week wide receiver CeeDee Lamb said that the team needs to surround Dak Prescott with talent around him and on Thursday cornerback Trevon Diggs went a step further than that.

Diggs might be manifesting something.

Stefon Diggs seems open to the idea of joining his brother Trevon Diggs with the Dallas Cowboys

We were very fortunate here at BTB to speak with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs on Wednesday afternoon thanks to his partnership with Panini. The details of that conversation, and the links to watch/listen, can be found right here.

Among the more notable things that Trevon said was something that had to do with his brother, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Near the end of our interview Trevon went out of his way to say that Cowboys Nation needed to rally together to try and get Stefon to Dallas. He literally asked fans to tweet in the name of willing it into existence. You can see that clip right here.

“We need Cowboys Nation to go and help and tweet to get bro here. We need everyone to know. We need to put it on notice that we need to get bro to Dallas.”

Given the fact that Stefon signed an extension with the Bills less than a year ago this whole idea seems a bit improbable, but more improbable things have certainly happened.

Even if this were possible, though, it would obviously require at least some level of interest from Stefon himself, wouldn’t it? Trevon can advocate for something all that he wants but if his brother does not want it then it all seems a bit moot.

We now have the answer to this question and it is one that will keep the flame of hope alive. Stefon Diggs caught up with USA TODAY Sports at the Super Bowl and was asked about this whole ordeal. He certainly did not put it to bed.

Stefon played the political game a bit and didn’t say anything too out of line or something that could be considered tampering; however, he definitely kept a pulse beating on some sort of union between he and his brother on the same NFL team.

We know that Cowboys players want the team to get help for Dak Prescott. We know that Trevon wants his brother specifically to be a part of that. We know that Stefon seems open to the idea.

What we don’t know is what happens next.

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