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First halftime show song? Last commercial? MVP? Spice up your Super Bowl with this exciting game sheet!

Take your Super Bowl party up a notch with this fun-filled question sheet guaranteed to make your guests happy.

It’s that time again. If you’re a veteran follower over at Blogging The Boys, then you know that every year we offer up this fun little game sheet to help spruce up your Super Bowl party. This is a game that I have been putting together for over 25 years and every year I try to make it a little better than the last.

While a great majority of questions are focused on the inner happenings of the game, I like to target some fun stuff. Examples include...

What will happen first:

  • A punt downed inside the five-yard line
  • A missed field goal
  • A sack/fumble
  • Or, none of the above

And I like to include some total guessing-game stuff like...

The player to commit the first penalty will weigh:

  • Less than 300 pounds
  • At least 300 pounds

But not every question is about the game itself. If you love commercials, you can play the elimination game to see which can outlast the other and is aired last. This year’s options include:

  • A chips commercial featuring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad
  • Tony Romo’s Caddyshack re-enactment
  • Sylvester Stallone Cliffhanging
  • Alicia Silverstone is back to being Clueless

Or you guess which song Rihanna will sing first during the halftime show or get you stop-watch out and guess how long it will take country singer Chris Stapleton to sing the national anthem.

The questions are weighted differently so the tougher ones award more points. Pick the winner, pick the MVP, pick a slew of other plays within the game, just make sure you can pick them better than the guests at your party. Create a pool, award prizes, or do whatever you want to add a little competitive spirit to the game most of the country will be watching on Sunday. Enjoy!

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