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Cowboys KaVontae Turpin wants to give Dallas ‘no choice’ but to use him on offense

The Cowboys Pro Bowl special teamer knows he is a big play waiting to happen, and is looking to add his rare ability to the offensive side of the ball.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

For KaVontae Turpin, 2022 was anything but typical. Fresh off a league MVP outing in the USFL, Turpin was signed by the Dallas Cowboys in training camp to come in and compete for a roster spot. Early on the buzz around camp was how impressive Turpin looked, and not only did Turpin make the roster, he actually ended up playing a combined 31 games between the two leagues and made an impact while doing so. Using his speed and game-breaking ability on special teams, Turpin was selected as a Pro Bowler and voted onto the NFLPA All-Pro team by his peers in his first NFL season.

However with all this special teams success, Turpin never really carved out a consistent role on the offensive side of the ball. Outside of gimmicky plays and coming in motion at times, he was used offensively far less than many anticipated.

Turpin took the time to sit down with us for a special Super Bowl week interview on the 1st and 10 Podcast and he talked about how he planned to change the amount he was used on offense heading into the new season. You can listen to the entire episode and interview right here.

“We had a talk during my exit meeting, basically saying like they already know what I did with the special teams this year and all that, but they are going to try and get me on the offense and try to make guys respect me more on both sides of the ball.”

“I’m going into this training camp, I’m basically trying to show them that they have no choice but to use me on offense, that’s my mindset.”

Turpin went on to tell us that after some much earned rest, he will be locked in and is excited for next year as he looks to get more chances to make an impact.

“I’m a playmaker with the ball in my hand and I can scare guys without the ball...just on the same field together me and Ceedee Lamb I just feel like that’s my biggest thing going on, just showing them that they gotta have me on the field”.

Many within the fan base would agree with Turpin as the questions surrounding the lack of opportunities for him in 2022 were head-scratching. Turpin only caught one ball for nine yards on the season to go with three rushing attempts for 17 yards in 18 games of action, a trend that Mike McCarthy and staff need to fix.

The Cowboys can really use as many explosive offensive weapons as they can find. With a full offseason of transactions ahead of us and no a clear idea of what this roster will look like in the near future, it would be wise to look to Turpin for more touches and chances at big plays next year. From our conversation it sure sounds like Turpin is ready and waiting to make sure that happens in 2023.

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