Kellen's departure will expose a lot


Stay with me for a minute while I talk about the Broncos. Denver's ownership was forced to hire the best coach available because of the decisions made during the 2022 offseason. The Broncos reduced the variables regarding the success of their quarterback by hiring Sean Payton.

Dallas will accomplish the same regarding the organization because of Kellen Moore's departure. While the Cowboys front office has made offseason moves to win in 2024, when next season is over, the Cowboys will have more information about Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy, and the front office. What the decision makers do with what is learned will determine the success of this team for the next few years.


Full disclosure: I believe that Dak is not the quarterback that will lead Dallas to a conference championship game, let alone a Super Bowl. I have invested very little time in the Cowboys lately, so I will enjoy a postseason run if Dak can string together three or four great games in a row in 2024.

From what I have observed, however, Dak is not capable of consistently playing well against good teams. He lacks consistency during games and from game to game. Take the game against the 49ers as an example.

The first interception Prescott threw was completely on Dak for holding the ball too long before throwing to the sidelines. He pumped his arm three times while staring down Gallup.

The pass that was dropped by Greenlaw towards the end of the game was also 100% on Prescott. The coverage on the first down play with 2:59 left in the game dictated that the pass should have gone to Lamb on an out, but Dak forced it to Shultz. Watch Lamb's reaction after the play. The receiver knew it and was frustrated.

But it is not just Dak. For Dak and Dallas to have success this upcoming season and reach the NFC championship game, fewer interceptions like the second pick by Warner need to happen. Blame can be shared between coaching, the receiver, and Prescott on that interception. I believe, however, that interceptions where the blame can be shared among several individuals (like the second 49ers INT) happen to all quarterbacks. The secret to throwing substantially fewer interceptions is reducing errant throws (like the first 49ers INT) and decreasing the number of bad reads (like Greenlaw's almost pick-6) by the quarterback.

Mike McCarthy

Of course, reducing the number of interceptions Dak throws while maximizing the yards gained in the passing game is the balancing act that McCarthy will now undertake. Stephen Jones has admitted philosophical differences led to Kellen's departure, and Jerry noted that the head coach will install a West Coast offense similar to what was run in Green Bay with the appropriate modifications for the personnel in Dallas.

Full disclosure: I never liked the hiring of Mike McCarthy. Perhaps that explains why I have not spent much time talking Cowboys over the last few years and was watching the World Cup more than the Cowboys this season. To his credit, he has outperformed my low expectations. I am glad he did.

My rudimentary understanding of the West Coast Offense (WCO) is that it relies on a very accurate quarterback to maximize yards after catch (YAC). Perhaps attacking the defense horizontally more often than the vertical Air Coryell offense Dak has been running since his rookie season will help him read defenses correctly. If Dak struggles to read the defense in the WCO, like he did on his pass to Shultz with 2:59 left in the game against the 49ers, he will continue to throw interceptions.

Regarding his accuracy, Dak has been most accurate on deep passes. The WCO will permit him to throw deep when the safeties creep up, but most of his throws will target receivers running across the field, not down the field. If Dak's accuracy does not improve, more tipped passes, reduced YAC, and numerous bone-crushing, injury-causing collisions involving receivers will result.

On the surface, it appears that the WCO is not a great fit for Dak. The offense will sputter with reduced YAC. If it does, I expect Dan Quinn to be the head coach of the Cowboys in 2024. Rinse, lather, repeat.

The front office

If Dak is successful transitioning to the WCO and Dallas reaches the NFC Championship game, I will immediately wonder how much more success the team could have had the past few years had the front office let McCarthy run the team as he wanted from the beginning. Dak's success will provide yet another example of how the Jones' interference with football operations has held the team back.

Of course, if Dak struggles and McCarthy moves on, the Jones' are not absolved of blame. Afterall, those two fools gave Dak his handcuffing contract and settled for Mike McCarthy as the coach.

Bet I do not have to provide a full disclosure on how I feel about the ownership. I cannot express how good it felt to watch Messi raising the World Cup trophy with Argentina!

Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore elevating the Los Angeles Chargers (LAC) and specifically Justin Herbert, will further illuminate the shortcomings of the Cowboys front office, the head coach, and the $40 million quarterback. I am looking forward to comparing the offensive variety shown by Moore in LA, with the selection of plays run in Dallas in 2021 and 2022. I am curious to examine the run-pass ratio used early in the game by the LAC, with the run-pass ratio Mike McCarthy will utilize in 2023.

Kellen's departure provides an opportunity to gain insight into the Dallas offensive limitations or strengths. It is a unique opportunity, as most offensive coordinators that are released by one team do not find another high-powered offense to coordinate the following season, let alone within a day.

Every Cowboys fan knows that a disastrous 2023 season will lead to little meaningful change within the Dallas organization. Jerry and Stephen will continue to run the team to perpetual .500 seasons and provide hope to a multitude of fans by hiring new coaches and overhyping the talent they select in the draft. For that reason, I wish the Cowboys good wish them tremendous, unfathomable luck, because that is what it will take for the team to win a sixth Super Bowl.

It happened for the 2007 Giants. Why not for the 2023 Cowboys? Well...besides the obvious.

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