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CeeDee Lamb on how the Cowboys can reach the Super Bowl with Dak Prescott: ‘You’ve got to surround him’

CeeDee Lamb had some interesting comments when asked about quarterback Dak Prescott.

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys are not in it. For almost three decades now we have spent the first (second now) weekend in February hoping that next year will be different. In some ways this year was different for the Cowboys as they put together back-to-back seasons where they were playing beyond the regular season and vanquished all sorts of “they haven’t dones” in the process.

But it wasn’t enough. What will be enough? The coming months will bring free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft and while there will be no scoreboard to show how the Cowboys (or anyone) fared in the roster construction part of the year, what they do and do not do will have huge ramifications on whether or not next year really is the one.

CeeDee Lamb believes that the Cowboys need to surround Dak Prescott

If you look at the teams playing in the Super Bowl this year you will find two squads who were unafraid to acquire talent through multiple avenues over the last year.

The Eagles are a bit more obvious given the splash effect of their moves, but the Kansas City Chiefs were quite active as well. To be fair the Chiefs traded an amazing player away in Tyreek Hill but they did what they could to try and supplement his loss (having Patrick Mahomes throwing to Travis Kelce certainly doesn’t hurt).

Ultimately the point is that the Cowboys need to add more talent to their roster, refill the cupboard so to speak. This seems to be an idea that star wide receiver CeeDee Lamb agrees with. Lamb was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of the Around The NFL podcast and was asked what they have to do as a group to take the next step, obviously with Dak Prescott, in order to reach the Super Bowl themselves.

“You’ve got to surround him. Straight like that.”

“Look at the Eagles. They’ve got three receivers. Great tight end group. They run the ball well. O-Line is very phenomenal. You look at San Fran. They’ve got, they surrounded their quarterback. You get success ultimately.”

“I mean granted we’ve got just as, as many weapons, but that extra player, or that one, all it takes is one. You can be so close, in that, to the Super Bowl that they can be a deciding factor.”

“So I feel like just keeping him comfortable in the pocket, just keeping him surrounded with whatever as far, production should I say, and you’ve got to stay healthy.”

The overall point that Lamb makes is that the Cowboys need to give Dak Prescott more help. What a shocking turn of events that players are better when they have better players around them.

To Lamb’s credit, after hyping up the way that the Eagles and 49ers built their teams he mentions that Dallas has “just as many” weapons because he’s a good teammate. All due respect to the Cowboys they only have Lamb and Tony Pollard to compare to the likes of Philadelphia and San Francisco’s skill position groups.

Multiple things can be true, though. So we can sit here and rightfully claim that the Cowboys need to help out Dak Prescott with weapons around him, but obviously Dak has to do his part and not be a part of the problem by turning the ball over (a point that DeMarcus Ware highlighted when we spoke to him on Wednesday here at BTB).

Hopefully the Cowboys are listening to their star players. They all seem to be on the same page.

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