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Dak Prescott on Kellen Moore leaving the Dallas Cowboys: ‘I’m upset but I’m happy for him’

Dak Prescott has spoken about Kellen Moore’s departure from the Cowboys.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It has been a few weeks since the Dallas Cowboys moved on from Kellen Moore as their offensive coordinator and in that time a few things have happened.

If we go chronologically then first up it was Moore who made a move by becoming the new offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Chargers. Shortly after the Cowboys filled his post by promoting Brian Schottenheimer to be their new offensive coordinator.

This obviously leaves the Cowboys with a change at a very important position on their staff, and it is obviously going to have an impact on the offensive players, the head of which is quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott was making the rounds around Super Bowl LVII on Thursday and was briefly asked about Moore’s departure. The Dallas Morning News caught his answer and it was really a bunch of nothing as Prescott said he is upset but happy for Moore.

“I’m upset but I’m happy for him,” Prescott told The Dallas Morning News as he walked out of the Phoenix Convention Center following a Super Bowl Radio Row appearance for one of his sponsors.

This is about as middle-the-road of an answer as Dak can give. He is saying he will miss Kellen Moore, but noting that he is happy about him having an opportunity elsewhere. He is hardly saying he is upset in a serious way.

Time will tell whether or not moving on from Moore winds up being the best thing for the Cowboys and/or Dak. Tick tock.

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