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Dak Prescott’s contract has aged incredibly well for the Dallas Cowboys

When looking across the NFL landscape, Dak Prescott’s current contract with the Cowboys is a bargain.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Quarterbacks are getting paid around the NFL to start the 2023 offseason. Derek Carr signed a 4-year $150 million contract with the New Orleans Saints, Geno Smith signed a 3-year $105 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks, and Daniel Jones signed a 4-year $160 million contract with the New York Giants. The argument can be made that this was necessary for these organizations, as having consistent quarterback play is the most important factor in a team’s success. However you feel about these contracts and if they are worth it for these teams, there is zero doubt that Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s $40 million per year has become a bargain in the NFL.

Dak Prescott is not perfect as an NFL quarterback. He is not as dynamic as Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow, or even some others around the NFL. He also has yet to make it past the divisional round of the NFC playoffs, which many consider a failure. Despite all of this, he is undoubtedly an above average starting quarterback in the NFL.

Despite missing five games in the 2022 season, Prescott threw for 23 passing touchdowns, which is still more than QB Daniel Jones has thrown in any of his last three seasons with the New York Giants. Prescott is 61-36 as a starter throughout his career, while Jones is 21-32-1 in his career. It is valuable to note too that Jones is just 1-5 in his career against the Dallas Cowboys.

Not only is Prescott’s contract with the team not as bad as some people would like to believe, it is actually looking like one of the better contracts around the league in the quarterback market. Prescott himself will say that this season was not his best, 23 passing touchdowns to 15 interceptions is not what fans were hoping for. However, in 2021 he had an exceptional season, throwing for 37 passing touchdowns and just 10 interceptions. The expectation is that Prescott plays more like he did in 2021 in the 2023 season.

Both the Cowboys front office and Prescott have been vocally open about their desire to extend his contract this offseason.

This was Prescott’s response when asked by The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday about a new deal,

“I’m excited to be a Dallas Cowboy,” Prescott said at the Grant Halliburton Foundation’s Beacon of Hope luncheon about mental health awareness. “Always dreamed to be here. Now that I’m here, I don’t expect to play for any other team. Now it’s just about winning and now it’s about to get that done and just to hear the [support from the] front office. Looking forward to an extension. When that time comes, it will happen. I’m with Stephen (Jones), it may just happen overnight. When it happens, it happens. It will be great.”

It would be smart of the Dallas Cowboys to get ahead on extending Prescott for more seasons with the team. Not only could it create more cap space for the team right now, but it would be good to sign him before big quarterback contracts like Joe Burrow and Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts impact the market even more with their upcoming contracts.

The Cowboys just recently restructured Prescott’s deal to get some cap space relief as the new league year approaches.

With a $59 million cap hit next year based on the restructure, it really does make sense for the Cowboys to get some kind of extensions done this offseason.

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