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The Dallas Cowboys are better for having Tyron Smith on the roster, no matter the role

Tyron Smith coming back to Dallas would be a big deal for this offensive line.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a few roster questions they will need to answer here soon. How they handle Ezekiel Elliott and his contract, how will they address the obvious need for explosiveness at the wide receiver position, where is stability in the linebacker room if Leighton Vander Esch is not brought back, are just a few of the storylines. However, with all of these looming decisions to be made, the one they’ve already gotten right is working to find a way to keep Tyron Smith on this team.

Reports are that the Cowboys and Smith are working on a restructuring of his contract that can keep Smith here and a part of this offensive line for 2023. With the news that Connor McGovern is leaving for Buffalo, Tyron staying in the fold for the offensive line as a whole could pay huge dividends for the Cowboys this season. Quality offensive line play is extremely hard to find and many teams cannot confidently say they even have three high level offensive linemen on their roster, never mind having the ability to have quality proven depth on their bench.

We can state the obvious in how much of a win it would be to keep a future Hall of Fame player on the roster at a reduced rate. Coupled with the initial win the Cowboys had when they signed Tyron Smith to an extension in 2014, the Cowboys have handled Tyron Smith’s career extremely well as its continually viewed as a franchise win due to the team-friendly feel of the contract. Fast forward nine years and the reported willingness of Smith to revisit the contract tells you about the kind of teammate he is, the relationship he has with the front office, and just what being a part of this organization means to him.

On the field the fit makes sense for the team as well. There are a lot of questions to be answered on this offensive line, with hopes that some of it will be answer via the draft, but there is still uncertainty heading into the season. Indications are that Terence Steele will be back on his second-round tender and is reportedly going to be good for training camp, but what if he isn’t ready to go? The dominoes can fall a bunch of ways on this offensive line due to injury and overall availability with their top guys. It seems absurd to think that Tyron would be a swing tackle with his skill set even at his age, but if the Cowboys don’t feel like moving Tyler Smith inside in his second year, putting Tyron as that swing tackle may be the reality. Couple that thought with the reality that as we sit here the guard position is a large question mark with McGovern’s departure.

There is a debate about having a future Hall of Fame tackle on the bench for the sake of development for a younger player, especially if the Cowboys are looking to win now, but it may be on the table as the Cowboys look at the big picture. On the other hand, if the Cowboys do decide to kick Tyler Smith inside, you have a strong tandem on that left side with the Smith’s that could be really productive in 2023. Regardless, however they decide to handle Tyron and his role, the Cowboys are absolutely better for having him in the mix.

Injuries have plagued Tyron over the last few years and that is why the question of bringing him back was even presented, but when on the field playing his usual left tackle spot he is still in the upper echelon of tackles in this league. Growing pains were certainly a thing for him on the right side last year, but that willingness and ability to propose the idea makes Tyron Smith who he is and why he is so vital to this team. Not to mention that Tyron hadn't played right tackle since his rookie year, and in doing so only allowed one sack in six games coming off the gruesome injury. Smith had the foresight to see it was best for this team to step up and be uncomfortable for the betterment of the offensive line, and by doing so allowed for the Cowboys to find some late-season stability heading into the playoffs.

A lot will be sorted out of the next few months, and things will most certainly change for this roster but one thing is clear: the Dallas Cowboys are a better football team with Tyron Smith on the roster. While some will debate how and where, Tyron Smith will help the Dallas Cowboys, no matter the role.

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