A storied BTB on the state of the FO

This was buried as a comment in one of the recent articles. I don't want to mention the name just yet in the event he wanted to fly under the radar, but some comments deserve a wider audience. I hope this doesn't break some kind of BTB rule, but here it is:

I finally have a few moments to get back and continue a topic I started on last week regarding the shift in impetus of the the FO from a conservative 'team building" model to a more aggressive "win now" approach. By now it should be painfully obvious to even the most inept followers of the Cowboys that something has changed internally. So, lets discuss the WHY????

Factually, the Cowboys FO is one of the most CONSERVATIVE in the league. Therein, the franchises business model is optimized for the generation of profits and not necessarily the collection of Lombardi's! Thus, as long as the Cowboys cash register keeps ringing, the teams boardroom is insulated from most forms of external pressure to change or adapt a more aggressive approach. However, their particular organizational structure also happens to be extremely vulnerable to internal pressures. Especially, if those critiques and criticisms are originating from one of there own "STARS" and a leader inside the teams locker room.

Dakota Prescott is NOT stupid.. He understands his finances and circumstances quite well. If he has any hopes of building generational wealth for his family so that his grand-children get to enjoy the peace and opportunities that he was deprived of, HE needs to land TWO more BIG-FAT contracts as a starting QB. Thus Dak MUST WIN with this TEAM right NOW! His window is effectively two years to make the SB and hopefully bring home a Lombardi to this long-suffering fan base. If he fails to do so, he is caught in a Fran Tarkenton career trajectory in which NO team is going to pay him as a starter moving forward because the perception is that HE CANNOT win the BIG GAMES.....Thus, nobody is going to give him another Top-Tier deal to be a at bus driver or a very effective back-up QB..For Dak, he either steps up and makes this happen or he potentially leaves somewhere around 100 million dollars in potential earning on the table.

Therein, the self-evident WHY in the teams rapid change in philosophy is due to the pressing needs of Dak Prescott Inc.... And the realization that Dak must have a significant and immediate infusion of talent around him to achieve the goal and do it fast..

Also for those interested in the WR hunt. The FO probably feels very empowered right now and are not under any particular pressures to act immediately. They have roughly 20 mill in available cap and around another 8-9 mill they can generate through contract terminations (cuts) and potential trades of existing players (they have two guys they are trying to move on from before the draft). That gives them roughly 16-20 mill to spend on a top tier WR1 and have enough left over to sign their rookie class in addition to SJ's piggy bank for bargain bin FA's in case of injuries ..Thus, they are in no hurry because new intriguing prospects and shiny balls keep popping up in the trade marketplace (like Jeudy) that will preoccupy other franchises attention. They have their 1 and 1A and they probably are locked in on either of those two (based on the better deal available). My opinion is they will probably have something worked out during the league meetings in Phoenix for their "guy" and announce it at the most opportune moment before the draft to achieve the largest amount of publicity possible.

Oh and one more thing the press hounds haven't caught onto yet.. The Cowboys league year projections submitted to the LO on Wednesday estimated the cap hit for the teams draft pool (selections made this April) at between 1.642 and 1.895 million. That is roughly 1 million dollars below the formulated estimate of cap cost for the teams current 8 picks ( which is 2.798 million). Thus, the FO is not done YET..they fully expect to be trading some of the teams 8 picks before the draft or are contemplating dropping out of the 1st round. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys only have 6 picks to make when the draft kicks off.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.