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The NFLPA gives the Cowboys an impressive report card

The players union issued the first-ever “report cards” to assess the franchises that employ them.

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are known to be a premier sports franchise worth an estimated $8 billion. An NFL franchise’s worth is constantly debated, but have they ever been issued grades?

The NFL Player’s Association has released its first-ever team report cards based on information collected from players on 2022 rosters. The survey was issued to every player in the league, and the NFLPA received 1,300 responses.

The ranking is organized into eight categories: Treatment of families, nutrition, weight room, strength staff, training room, training staff, locker room, and travel

Unsurprisingly, the Cowboys graded highly in almost every category.

  • Treatment of Families: A+ (1st)
  • Food Service/Nutrition: A (T-1st)
  • Weight Room: A+ (T-1st)
  • Strength Staff: A+ (T-1st)
  • Training Room: B (T-8th)
  • Training Staff: A- (T-15th)
  • Locker Room: A+ (T-1st)
  • Team Travel: C- (T-23rd)

From, they give an overview of Dallas’ rating and why they rank the fifth best in the team guide.

The Dallas Cowboys are ranked 5th best in the team guide. As you would expect for a team that is ranked this high, most of what was reviewed – facilities, equipment, staff and general support of players – was top notch.

There were only two issues that stood out that players feel could use improvement: first, the players feel like the training room is understaffed. The Cowboys trainers grade highly, but the players wish there were more training staff.

A positive takeaway was Mike McCarthy as the Cowboys coach and how he considers the player’s health with his weekly schedule. McCarthy consistently talks about a player’s GPS score during the offseason or rehab to ensure players aren’t pushed to the point of risking re-injury.

Another positive note, Mike McCarthy sets aside time every week for his players to recover, which is greatly appreciated, making him one of the most well-liked coaches in the league.

Along with McCarthy, owner Jerry Jones was ranked 12th among league owners. Now 12th isn’t that low, considering 96 percent of the team believes their owner is “willing” to make the necessary changes to improve their rating next season.

Why did this come out now?

JC Tretter, the union president, reports that players have brought up the notion of having a “Free Agency Guide” to help educate players before deciding on a new team to sign with when they hit free agency.

He noted that the report card’s primary purpose is to highlight the best teams while also showing where improvements can be made. For instance, the Cowboys graded out as the best in the league regarding the treatment of families but came in fourth place for their post-game gathering space.

Their lowest rating came at a “C-” for team travel because “78 percent of the players feel like they have enough room to spread out” when traveling, they allow “no roommates,” and “one of seven teams that do not offer first-class seats to their players.”

Regarding the teams in the NFC East, Dallas is the best, with the New York Giants coming in 8th, the Philadelphia Eagles at 14th, and the Washington Commanders ranking 32nd in overall score among NFL teams.

Tretter mentioned they don’t want this to be a one-year project because the report cards provide a quick look into the player’s opinions on how they felt when filling out the survey. He still wants change to happen all season long, but these ratings promote further discussion and action throughout the season.

If you want to read all the listings, click the link here. If you wish to read the entire letter from NFPA President JC Tretter, click here.

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