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Report: Cowboys focused on making ‘impactful addition’ to offense, Tony Pollard also expected back

Offseason chatter is swirling around the Cowboys.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is undeniable. The Dallas Cowboys need help on offense. We can sit here and talk about Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy and obviously they have important roles on the team as the group’s quarterback and head coach, but football is a team sport and help is never a bad thing.

Many fans have petitioned for the Cowboys to acquire help over the years, and an offseason ago it felt like they did the opposite in terms of a decision they made on the offensive side of the ball. They traded away Amari Cooper and a full season removed it appears that the team has recognized their misstep and is eager to correct it.

To this point in the offseason we have seen players like CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons, and Trevon Diggs openly lobby for the Cowboys to surround Dak Prescott with more talent. As the NFL Combine marches on it appears that the team is seriously considering doing that.

The Cowboys are focused on making an ‘impactful addition’ to the offense

If you have been scrolling Twitter over the last few days you have likely seen a rumor that the Cowboys are working on something ‘big’, but details beyond that have been almost nil, which is why we haven’t brought any sort of discussion about it here to the site. It is the week of the NFL Combine which means chatter across the league is all over the place so you never know what is what.

That changed a bit on Thursday afternoon when the Dallas Morning News reported that the Cowboys are focused on making an ‘impactful addition’ to the offense. The DMN noted that Tony Pollard is expected to return and that this would be a separate sort of addition. They also indicated that it could come by way of the draft or free agency or by trade (you know, covering all bases) but the wording is very interesting.

If the Cowboys are to acquire a veteran wide receiver via trade, they are not close to doing so. No such trade is actively developing, a person familiar with the situation said Thursday. Likewise, in free agency, nothing is imminent with Odell Beckham Jr., a person close to the former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver said. He is eligible to be signed before the March 15 start of the league year.

However possible, it would be a mistake to assume the addition the Cowboys make is at wide receiver. Adding a tight end with top-five positional potential also would qualify. This draft class is widely considered to be very strong at tight end, and Dallas owns the No. 26 overall pick.


The Cowboys are committed to doing more to help Prescott this year. Some of that involves developing the receivers they already have. Other changes will be philosophy-driven. As coach Mike McCarthy described Wednesday, a thorough self-scout is underway, examining how to improve the offense conceptually.

As you can see the DMN noted that no sort of trade is close, but again this all feels somewhat significant. This is either an indication that the Cowboys are working on something somewhat legitimate or just an outright declaration of “the Cowboys want to add good players to their offense” which doesn’t exactly seem like breaking news.

It is certainly interesting that the tight end position is mentioned here, and while this draft class is regarded as deep at that position, it isn’t exactly common for rookie tight ends to make a huge impact. Perhaps that is a tea leaf in noting that the Cowboys may consider trading for an elite tight end over the offseason? This is admittedly reading a bit into things now, but we are a point where we are throwing things out for discussion.

Maybe this is something. Maybe it is nothing. The truth is, we are at the point in the year where we don’t know how much of something nothing really is.

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