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It seems the Dallas Cowboys have listened to the outcry for them to be players in free agency

The Cowboys seem to have finally heard what everyone wanted.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Do you know that it has only been five weeks and change since the Super Bowl? Does it not feel like much longer?

In the time since the Philadelphia Eagles lost the game’s ultimate prize (such a shame really) multiple holidays have passed, Ted Lasso has returned and the sports world was lit on fire by a baseball tournament in the World Baseball Classic.

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What’s more is that the Dallas Cowboys have apparently undergone a transformation as far as overall philosophy and disposition. We are double-digit days into free agency and the Cowboys have made multiple trades with late-round picks that have netted immediate starters in addition to bringing back talent that has been crucial to their recent success.

As we have all sat and enjoyed what the team’s front office has accomplished I couldn’t help but think back to what one member of the team said in the lead-up to the Super Bowl and assess it against the action that we have seen as of late.

It seems the Dallas Cowboys have listened to the outcry for them to be players in free agency

There is certainly no shortage of persons who have called for the Cowboys to take this part of the offseason more seriously. We are an army and have mobilized!

What was interesting about the week leading up to the Super Bowl though was that it felt like more than just Cowboys fans were expressing this sort of sentiment. Recently I thought back to CeeDee Lamb and the comments that he made when he was asked how the team can have success, particularly with Dak Prescott, on the Around The NFL podcast (which we discussed here at BTB when they happened). It seems he was heard.

“You’ve got to surround him. Straight like that.”

“Look at the Eagles. They’ve got three receivers. Great tight end group. They run the ball well. O-Line is very phenomenal. You look at San Fran. They’ve got, they surrounded their quarterback. You get success ultimately.”

“I mean granted we’ve got just as, as many weapons, but that extra player, or that one, all it takes is one. You can be so close, in that, to the Super Bowl that they can be a deciding factor.”

“So I feel like just keeping him comfortable in the pocket, just keeping him surrounded with whatever as far, production should I say, and you’ve got to stay healthy.”

Lamb spoke about the Cowboys needing “that extra player” and while we don’t want to sound incredibly dramatic here, the Cowboys have sort of added that in Brandin Cooks. They have added more than just Cooks overall obviously and while nobody is saying that comments like this are what spurred the action it feels like their impact is of a non-zero quantity.

For what it’s worth CeeDee was not alone. We were fortunate here at BTB to speak with Trevon Diggs that week and he also advocated for help on offense to aid Dak Prescott (he was particularly strong in his advocacy for his brother Stefon Diggs, but that never felt practical). Trevon himself picked up a new partner just like CeeDee with Dallas trading for Stephon Gilmore.

Diggs and Lamb are both in interesting positions with the team this offseason in that they are eligible for extensions for the first time in their careers, and they are both clearly a part of the organization’s on-field nucleus for the foreseeable future which is why, again, it felt notable that they were both so public in their advocacy for help.

Morale is high right now and we certainly don’t want to take away from the front office since they have earned their props as of late, but some credit (however minimal) should belong to the leaders on the Cowboys team for sharing the sentiment that many fans have for so long in the way that they did. However much it helped, it is the end result that matters most.

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