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Stephon Gilmore to wear number 21 with Dallas Cowboys, Brandin Cooks to wear 3

Update your programs and order your jerseys.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a handful of new players on their roster and we are all anxious to see them play football with a star on their helmet.

While this has been a more fun offseason than usual for the Cowboys it is still the offseason. At the end of the day what matters most is seeing players play, wins and losses, and everything in between.

Unfortunately we still have a ways to go before even training camp arrives, but in the meantime we can let our imaginations run wild with how the Cowboys will look during the 2023 season. Something that helps us envision some of the newer players with the team uniform on is understanding what jersey numbers they will wear and on Monday we got some updates on the situation.

Stephon Gilmore will wear number 21 with the Dallas Cowboys

Before we go any further, please know that we all understand that a jersey number is just a number. But let’s have some fun.

Jersey numbers have to make sense, both in terms of the position that a player plays and how the player plays the game. Some players feel more like a certain number than another, you get the picture.

On Monday it was reported that new Dallas Cowboys cornerback Stephon Gilmore will wear number 21 which is an incredible look for a corner. Also of note, Brandin Cooks will wear 3.

While Cooks wearing 3 seems like the most legitimate signal that Anthony Brown will not be returning to the team it is the 21 that Gilmore is wearing that turned a few more heads. Obviously number 21 was most recently worn by Ezekiel Elliott and this seems like the club is starting the process of formally moving on, even if Jerry Jones said the team is still keeping the door open there.

Single-digit numbers have become rather popular since the NFL loosened the rules on what positions can wear them prior to the 2021 season, but as a result there are not a lot of numbers in that range that are available which is partly why Gilmore is now rocking 21.

Recently Gilmore had hinted at the idea of wearing number 21 on social media with an Instagram story post of Deion Sanders wearing it for the Cowboys. Hopefully Gilmore has a career with Dallas similar to the one that Deion did.

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