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The Cowboys already have a TE1 on the roster heading into the draft

Tight end has been rumored as a possible target at 26 for the Cowboys. Jake Ferguson’s presence means you don’t need to do that.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s that time of year where everywhere you look you can find multiple new mock drafts to digest. The excitement for the draft has been building, and with the big weekend about two weeks away and free agency winding down, all eyes are on these young prospects and where they will land.

What makes mock drafts fun is the different perspectives and uniqueness to them. Depending on the source and the thought process going into it, you can see many different players and positions mocked to the Dallas Cowboys at pick 26. A lot of positions and players make sense for the Cowboys, but that first-round selection would be better used on something other than a tight end. The Cowboys already have Jake Ferguson.

Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson is an interesting piece to this Cowboys roster and is a player to watch out for in the upcoming 2023 NFL season. The rookie has shown promising potential, and has all the qualities necessary to become a star in the league. He should be next up as the Cowboys starting tight end in his second season.

After a solid rookie year that saw Ferguson contribute as the number two guy behind Dalton Schultz, and with Schultz departed to Houston, the moment is now Ferguson’s to seize. A few of the many key factors that makes Ferguson stand out is his versatility and solid athletic ability. He has the ability to play multiple spots on the field making him a weapon for Dak Prescott and this offense to lean on.

Ferguson can play the traditional tight end role, lining up inline on the line of scrimmage and shows the willingness to be a tough blocker in the run game. He can also play as a mismatch in the back field at times lining up in goal line or short yardage situations to give a complex look to a defense. However, where he is most deadly to a defense is as a detached receiving option, lining up out wide with the hopes of getting a less athletic safety or over matched linebacker on him. This flexibility allows him to be used in different offensive schemes, giving the Cowboys a wide range of options to add to their offensive attack that can only help this offense rise.

Ferguson is a physically gifted athlete and looks like the perfect size for today’s version of an NFL tight end. He has a high level combination of size, strength, and speed, making him a real threat on the field. At 6’5” and over 240 pounds, he has the size and strength to overpower opposing defenders at the line of scrimmage, where he has shown to ability to sustain blocks and get off the line smoothly with his routes. Ferguson is also quick footed, with good acceleration and agility, making him a threat after the catch. His athleticism and physicality are very similar to some of the best tight ends in the game, and has drawn praise from the league’s best like Travis Kelce.

Ferguson’s stat line his rookie year won’t blow you away as he accumulated 19 receptions, 174 yards, and two touchdowns as the number two guy. However, the film will show you the makings of a playmaker waiting for his chance. The combination of Ferguson and this year’s assumed number two tight end Peyton Hendershot form a dynamic and capable duo that the Cowboys can trust and build upon.

The Cowboys have a history of producing great tight ends, and the thought of wanting to draft another to bring into the fold seems exciting, and is worth doing so in later rounds, but Ferguson looks to be the next in line to make a big impact on this offense and many seem eager to see what he is capable of in a full time role.

The Cowboys’ offense is known for its high-powered passing game, and as they look to build on it in 2023 with head coach Mike McCarthy at the helm, Ferguson’s ability to run precise routes, be a physical, willing blocker, and make tough catches in traffic makes him a perfect fit for this offensive scheme and a friend to any quarterback. The Cowboys are always looking for a dynamic playmaker and if they have a chance to help the position they should do so, but this time around though they do not need to look much further as that player is already in the building looking to explode on the scene in year two.

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