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The Dallas Cowboys should not pursue a tight end in the first round

Despite losing former starting TE Dalton Schultz, the Dallas Cowboys should not feel pressed to find his replacement early in the 2023 draft.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Many fans of the Dallas Cowboys believe that the team should look into potentially drafting a tight end in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. This comes after the team lost their reliable starter in Dalton Schultz to the Houston Texans in free agency. Many fans are attracted to TE prospects such as Utah’s Dalton Kincaid, Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer, and Georgia’s Darnell Washington.

There have been rumors that the team is looking to find their tight end of the future in the draft.

“They have good tight ends … but it looks like they’re trying to find their “Kelce.’’

Despite their interest in potential tight end prospects in the draft, the Cowboys front office should entertain the possibility that they already have their “Kelce” in the locker room, or maybe Kelce Jr. TE Jake Ferguson showed last year in his rookie year with the team that he has very good athleticism for his size, and had some impactful plays in the receiving game throughout the season.

Even Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce spoke about his excitement for what Ferguson can bring given the opportunity in the NFL.

“I don’t know if there are any that remind me of myself, but there are a few guys I’m excited about. Kyle Pitts (Falcons) being one of them. Ferguson down in Dallas and (Daniel) Bellinger over in New York.

Even the third-string TE from last season, Peyton Hendershot, showed some promise for the Cowboys and could be impactful if he was elevated to the backup role on the team.

Even if the Cowboys did not already have two promising tight ends on their roster, spending a first-round pick on a tight end in the NFL has shown to not be the best use of resources in recent history. It is almost the same as spending a high draft pick on a running back. The tight end is an impactful position in an offense, as they can help in both the receiving and the blocking game. With that said, the numbers suggest that picking a tight end in the first round may not be necessary, as the most impactful at the position around the league were selected in later rounds.

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