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Blogging The Boys Tuesday Thread: Just over two weeks until the NFL Draft

An open thread for general discussion.

NFL: AUG 20 Preseason - Cowboys at Chargers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today is officially April 11th which means that we have 16 days to go until the 2023 NFL Draft. It is starting to feel rather real.

In the interest of keeping our community of Dallas Cowboys fans properly prepared and hyped up for the draft we are going to be launching open threads every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the lead-up to it. We are not opposed to doing these daily if they become something that the community wants to see more of, but this felt like the right starting point to collect the opinions of the group as a whole.

Something I have said for years is that the community here is what makes Blogging The Boys the wonderful and special place that it is. Your input and thoughts are something that matter a great deal to us, so hearing what you have to say is always important.

Consider this our Tuesday open thread where anything and everything is on the table for discussion. Also if you wouldn’t mind, consider it an opportunity to let us know the types of things that you would like to see during the draft.

Obviously we will have the standard flow of posts and articles here on the front page, but in case you did not know we will have a live show throughout the entire draft on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (you can subscribe to it right here). We will of course have all sorts of podcasts available as well, Apple devices can subscribe here and Spotify users can subscribe here.

16 days to go. Hurry up.

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