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Cowboys mock draft 2023: All seven picks for Dallas led by Zay Flowers in the first round

If the Cowboys went receiver in the first round, their draft could look something like our latest mock draft.

Boston College v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

If you consider the NFL Draft to be midnight then we are entering the eleventh hour. Soon enough Roger Goodell will be shaking hands on stage and the Dallas Cowboys will have a handful of new players. Obviously time will tell who those players wind up being, but that has not stopped any of us from trying to guess.

On a recent episode of the BTB Roundtable four BTBers (Brandon Loree, Brandon Clements, David Howman and Chris Halling) did a live mock draft along with the audience watching in real time. You can catch the re-watch below, make sure to subscribe to the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel for more videos and live shows during the draft itself.

We will actually be doing a few more mock drafts on the channel in the lead up to the draft but this one incorporated the live audience as noted. Not all mocks are created equal, but this one saw the Cowboys walk away with an epic offensive addition in the first round which feels like a big win around here.

Let’s take a look at the notable things from the mock.

Zay Flowers in the first round gives Dallas a wide receiver of the future

It feels incredibly likely that Dallas will walk away from the first round with a wide receiver, tight end or interior offensive lineman. Imagining a world where Dallas is wiped out at those positions seems rather impossible.

Consensus big boards have Boston College’s Zay Flowers at number 25 overall although consensus mocks have him specifically going to the New England Patriots at 14 overall. Whether or not he makes it all the way past New England and then some remains to be seen, but he was on the board when our panelists were picking and ultimately received a call from Jerry Jones.

Adding Flowers to a group of CeeDee Lamb, Brandin Cooks and Michael Gallup feels like the rich getting richer, similar to when Dallas drafted Lamb three years ago. The future is a bit unknown outside of Lamb (relatively speaking) so landing a proper running mate for him in the offense would hardly be a poor usage of resources.

Flowers is a smaller receiver which would indicate a bit of a change in philosophy for the Cowboys so that in and of itself would be fascinating to watch unfold. Passing on a tight end here feels like something that would upset some people, but ultimately it would be hard to be upset with Flowers on the team.

Garrett Williams in the third round provides stability at cornerback

It has been said many times that this draft class is deep at tight end there are also a lot of options at cornerback. Our roundtable mock came away with one within the top 100 picks by selecting Syracuse’s Garrett Williams in the third round.

Like receiver, the future is sort of a question mark at corner. Stephon Gilmore is not promised to be a part of the Cowboys in 2024 and without a contract extension before this season neither is Trevon Diggs. Heck, even if Dallas gets something done with Diggs, they still have to pay attention to the Gilmore part of this. Coming away with a corner before Friday night is over is hardly a bad idea and the value for Williams (just outside of the top 10 cornerbacks by consensus) is good here.

The Cowboys picked up a predictable quarterback with their last pick

At just about every turn of the offseason the Cowboys have told us that they plan on selecting a quarterback in this year’s draft. Our roundtable took note of that and took TCU’s Max Duggan with their final pick of the exercise.

It is never a bad idea to continually churn out quarterbacks which is why most Cowboys fans are down with the idea of drafting one at some point on day three. Duggan has played in big-time college football games and while that alone does not promise success in the NFL it does in its own way help with the transition into life on the roster for America’s Team.

Here is the group’s overall haul. Again, you can watch the roundtable to see and hear their thought process for each and every pick.

For those unaware we have roundtables every single Tuesday evening at 8 PM ET where we talk about the latest in the world of the Cowboys, obviously this time of year means that is mostly draft-related things.

How do you like this mock?

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