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Cowboys Madden Franchise episode 9: Trevon Diggs intercepts Aaron Rodgers 5 times

An update on BTB’s Madden Franchise team.

It is the offseason. As much as I enjoy baseball (the Houston Astros losing to the Texas Rangers on Friday night upset me mightily, although it likely enthused many of you), nothing can truly replace what football provides to us on a week-to-week basis in the fall.

While there are landmark events that we look forward to throughout the spring and summer (less than two weeks to go until the NFL Draft!), the reality is that in some way we are just counting down the days until we can obsess about the Dallas Cowboys from Sunday to Sunday.

If you are unaware, we endeavored to emulate this experience a bit this offseason.

Welcome to BTB’s Madden Franchise, where Trevon Diggs just intercepted Aaron Rodgers five times in one game

Just over two months ago we decided to do something that we never had before here at BTB and that was launch a Dallas Cowboys franchise team on Madden 23.

If you are unaware, the video game Madden allows you to create a franchise where you, well, play and act as a single team in the NFL. You control everything that has to do with the team: establishing the roster, adjusting the depth chart, managing injuries, executing trades, and you know... playing the games.

We recognize that this is not something that everyone will enjoy but wanted to see how it would go and figured the offseason was a time to properly test it out. During the season we run Madden simulations of each upcoming Dallas Cowboys game in an effort to sort of predict what will happen, you can watch those and all of our Franchise episodes on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (subscribe right here).

This week was Episode 9 so the ninth game that we played. If it isn’t obvious we started way back in Week 1 and managed to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unlike the actual Cowboys, although we lost to the Cincinnati Bengals when Dallas won that game in real life.

It is Madden after all so we have done some funky things in the name of fun. For example we started Cooper Rush at quarterback on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles and managed to get the win, although by a last-second field goal.

As it is indeed a video game we have made sure that newbies Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks are both a part of the roster and both have made key contributions even in just a short time. This week we took on the Green Bay Packers and amazingly picked him off seven times, an incredible five of them with Trevon Diggs (the first of which was taken back for a touchdown).

If you have any thoughts on this as far as what you would like to see then please let us know. We are always trying to figure out some new and different ways to talk about and assess our favorite team.

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