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Cowboys news: Reviewing the most deserving current Ring of Honor candidates

Your Sunday morning news about the Dallas Cowboys

These Cowboys Belong in the Ring of Honor - Inside the Star, Richard Paolinelli

One of the NFL’s most decorated franchises has several players that belong to the elite history of the Dallas Cowboys. Here are players that deserve to have their names inducted in the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Jimmy Johnson

Seriously, Jerry Jones needs to build himself a big ol’ bridge and get over it. Jimmy Johnson delivered *three Super Bowls with the team he built in the 1990s. He revitalized a franchise in decline and set the standard going forward.

Did we mention that he’s responsible for three Super Bowl wins in four years? Jones promised back in 2021, shortly after Johnson was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to put Johnson’s name up there where it belongs. It has been nearly two years since he made that promise.

He needs to keep it.

Jerry is 80 years old. Jimmy is 79. It is far past time to quit fooling around and pay the man the respect he earns while he’s still around to enjoy it. Johnson needs to be the next name added. This year, Jerry.

Ed “Too Tall” Jones

Randy White and Harvey Martin got all the press, especially during the Cowboys’ Super Bowl XII win over Denver. But Ed “Too Tall” Jones was a beast.

He was fast for his size, making it hard for running backs to get through the line. And quarterbacks usually threw to the other side of the line, rather than try to navigate a pass over his outstretched arms. Jones put in a lot of games and was a factor in nearly all of them. Just for fun, if and when they add him, they should make the “Too Tall” letters taller than the rest of his name.

No Empty Calories: Prescott top 5 in telling passing statistic - Reid Hanson, Cowboys Wire

A deeper analysis of Dak Prescott presents what the advanced numbers say about his performance last season.

Those who are familiar with “success rate” know those aren’t arbitrarily picked thresholds. For a play to be considered a win for the offense it needs to improve the offense’s chances of scoring on the drive.

For instance: A two-yard completion on 4th-and-1 is a resounding success while a 7-yard completion on 3rd-and-8 is not a success.

Therefore the latter is categorized as a “failed completion.”The purpose of this is to weed out the dump-off passes that prop up volume stats like yards and clarify vague efficacy stats like completion percentage.

Geno Smith (69.8) and Joe Burrow (68.3) led the NFL in completion percentage in 2022. Prescott? He was all the way down at No. 14. Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts both finished ahead of Prescott in completion percentage last season so it would be understandable if some people were critical of Prescott’s most recent season.But a deeper dive into the quality and effectiveness of these passes paints an entirely different picture.

With a failed completion percentage of just 19.5, Prescott ranked fourth in the NFL in 2022. The NFL’s completion percentage leader (Smith) fell all the way to No. 16, Burrow fell to No. 9, while NFC East foes, Hurts and Jones, ranked 14 and 24, respectively.

Progress Report: Lamb Ascends To The Throne - Layten Praytor,

Coming off of two consecutive Pro Bowl selections, CeeDee Lamb is an ascending talent and has only scratched the surface of his potential. Here’s an assessment of where the fourth-year receiver stands.

What Worked: There was plenty of pressure on Lamb to be the Cowboys’ primary receiving threat in 2022 and he delivered in every way the franchise could have hoped. After a slow start to the year mainly due to being without Dak Prescott and his injury, Lamb exploded once the two were reunited, strutting his way to his second consecutive Pro Bowl season with over 1,300 yards, 107 catches and nine touchdowns - all of which ranked top-10 in the league. He posted six 100-yard receiving games upon Prescott’s return while averaging almost 13-yards a catch and 8- yards a game for the year to establish himself as the premier offensive threat for the Cowboys.

Needs Some Work: One of the more prominent knocks on Lamb over his first two seasons in Dallas was his percentage of drops given that he had eight in 2020 and 2021. He significantly lowered that number in 2022 from 6.7% in the season prior to 3.8% last season. From there, there once Prescott and Lamb got back together on the field miscommunication between the two reared its head a couple of times, leading to an odd trend of interceptions just before halftime in multiple games.

His Best Work: While Lamb’s best game statistically in 2022 came against the Packers in an overtime loss with 15 catches for 150 yards and two scores, we’ll point to another game that was just as impressive in Week 16 against the Eagles. Lamb racked up 10 catches for 120 yards and two scores as well, including his second touchdown late in the fourth to tie the game up and help catapult the Cowboys to a win over their division rival.

Cowboys 2021 draft class faces a critical third season - Jess Haynie, Blogging the Boys

The Cowboys draft class of 2021 is facing make or break seasons.

Israel Mukuamu has proven to be an exciting prospect with flexibility at either cornerback or safety. He may wind up playing more CB this year, partially due to the issues we’re about to discuss with some other corners from 2021.

Matt Farniok is poised for the role of backing up at guard and center. He had the job last year but then got injured himself. Even if the Cowboys make a big move at guard in the 2023 draft, Farniok will likely still make the roster as Tyler Biadasz’s backup.

You could also make a case for Quinton Bohanna, though his spot doesn’t feel as secure as these last three. That Dallas brought back 31-year-old Johnathan Hankins isn’t the best sign for Bohanna’s future, though it is only a one-year deal. Bohanna should make the roster as depth but can’t afford any missteps, and his position could be quickly threatened depending on what happens in the draft.

If these four players all continue to grow and contribute along with Parsons then the Class of 2021 was a strong one for Dallas. But it won’t be perfect unless some guys, particularly two Day 2 cornerbacks, don’t start pulling their weight.

Kelvin Joseph was the next guy drafted after Parsons but might have one of the worst chances of sticking with the team this season. Not only did Nahshon Wright, a late third-round pick, move past him on the depth chart but fifth-round rookie DaRon Bland outshined them both in 2022. Now with the Stephon Gilmore trade, Jourdan Lewis still around, and Israel Mukuamu’s solid showing at CB last year, Joseph may be headed for the early discard pile.

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