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The Cowboys best option in round one may be to trade back

The Cowboys could do many things with pick 26, but the best route may be a trade back while still remaining in round one.

NFL: APR 26 2018 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s not often a team find themselves in a truly comfortable situation heading into the draft. Free agency is a grind, and often teams find themselves pressing a bit when it comes to their draft selections. However, as we inch closer to draft weekend, the Dallas Cowboys front office has afforded themselves the opportunity to sit back and let the weekend unfold.

As we speak, the Cowboys currently have seven picks to upgrade the roster and endless possibilities with how to do so. What makes the situation better for the organization is that they do not have a laundry list of needs to address and have an opportunity to significantly improve their roster with a best player available approach if they so choose. Forcing needs is what the Cowboys looked to do last year, but heading into this years draft it doesn’t look like it is necessary to operate in such a manner.

Of all the possibilities that could present themselves for the Cowboys at pick 26, the best of the options very well may be to not pick anyone at all and find a trade back partner. We know Will McClay and the front office value their draft picks, so it may be the most ideal situation the Cowboys could hope for.

The situation would have to present itself, and fully understanding it would have to be a perfect scenario. As the 26th pick comes on the clock there would need to be multiple players the Cowboys would be comfortable taking, allowing for them to comfortably trade back deeper into round one to collect another pick or two while still getting a player they covet. In this scenario, finding a way to still remain in round one would be the important point of emphasis as they could select a player and still have that fifth-year of control to work with at the end of their rookie deal.

As we spoke about on the latest episode of the Blogging The Boys Roundtable, which you can watch right above this, a hypothetical trade with the Kansas City Chiefs would involve a 26th pick for the 31st swap that would also net the Cowboys pick 95 in the third round. Taking a look at the value using the traditional draft value chart shows us that the move is not only doable, it’s actually a solid deal for both parties involved. Finding a way to do so may be the sweet spot if the Chiefs find themselves eyeing a player worthy of moving up for. In this scenario the Cowboys would find themselves still in control of a first-round contract, now having four top 100 picks, and eight total selections to work with.

Who and what may be available is obviously an unknown variable. However, there very well may be multiple wide receivers or cornerbacks they like still available. There’s a chance both of the top guards still haven’t came off the board just yet either, or even a couple of the tight ends they value are still hanging around. With all this on the table, they have a chance to move back just five spots and have a win-win situation as a result.

We’ve seen endless mock drafts telling us who and why the Cowboys should draft in round one, but when it’s all said and done the board could fall in a very advantageous way for the Cowboys and if so they may have a chance to capitalize with a well executed trade back that could satisfy everyone.

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