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NFL News: Aaron Rodgers traded to New York Jets in multi-pick deal, Dallas Cowboys host Jets in 2023

It finally happened, Aaron Rodgers is heading to the Jets.

Syndication: USA TODAY Dan Powers / USA TODAY NETWORK

They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Once upon a time the Green Bay Packers traded a future Hall of Fame quarterback to the New York Jets in Brett Favre. On Monday the two franchises went full circle in the same way and did it again.

Aaron Rodgers is finally, at long last, headed to the Jets.

It has really been an inevitability that Rodgers would follow in the exact path that Favre laid out before him since he outright declared that he wanted to play for New York a few weeks back. With the 2023 NFL Draft happening this week it made sense that things would finally materialize since draft capital was going to be involved. Thankfully, it is over.

Unfortunately matters are not entirely over for the Dallas Cowboys as they will still have to see Rodgers, the quarterback who has tormented them, this coming season. While Dallas does not play Green Bay in 2023 they do host the Jets which means Aaron Rodgers will visit AT&T Stadium to play Mike McCarthy’s Dallas Cowboys. You know, the same Mike McCarthy that was his head coach when the Packers won the Super Bowl in the building just over 12 years ago.

Buckle up.

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