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Blogging The Boys Roundtable: Full seven-round mock draft

A full Dallas Cowboys mock draft.

We are almost there. We can make it.

The 2023 NFL Draft is inching closer and closer and when it finally arrives it will answer all of our Dallas Cowboys questions. Will they take a tight end in the first? Who will fall to the second? What will happen on day three? We need the answers and we need them now!

Obviously we don’t have the answers yet which is why we have to look for them ourselves. That is exactly what we did with our full, seven-round mock draft on the most recent BTB Roundtable here at Blogging The Boys.

You can listen to the roundtable right here (look up) or watch it if you scroll just a bit higher. Tony Catalina, Brandon Clements, Joey Ickes and I predictably took Michael Mayer in the first round and amazingly Steve Avila was available one round later.

For what it’s worth this mock featured a trade back that we were very pleased with, but what did you think? Let us know and let’s hurry up and get to Thursday.

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