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Blogging The Boys: Meet the staff!

Get to know the front page here at BTB!

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft is officially here and with that being the case we figured it would be a great time to introduce or re-introduce you to the fine folks who grace the front page here at Blogging The Boys.

I have said this many times before, my favorite thing about BTB is the community. It is the coolest thing to me that we can all live in all sorts of places but that we come together here in the name of our favorite football team. Cheers to you all who make this place what it is.

With that being said here are our front-page writers and a little bit about them.

Dave Halprin, Founder: Our fearless leader. Dave founded BTB many moons ago, and actually met a high school version of myself at training camp in San Antonio, introducing me to this wonderful world. He has kept the lights on all of this time doing the behind the scenes work, and we are all grateful for it.

RJ Ochoa, me, myself, and I: It is quite literally my job to do everything that I can to make BTB a better place. I want more than anything for you to have BTB content available to you wherever you are and however you are. We love this team and should be able to do so in many different ways.

OCC: One of the foundational elements of BTB… where would we be without OCC? There are not enough words. He is the best.

Tom Ryle: One of the absolute OGs. Tom has a wit about him that is quite unique. He loves the Cowboys with his own special enthusiasm and is kind enough to share that with us.

DannyPhantom: Also a staple of BTBdom, Danny is an essential part of the DNA that we like to maintain around here. We are all fans, but we should be measured in that way. Danny rocks.

David Howman: One of our more unique thinkers around here, Howman is always considering every aspect to what the Cowboys are, or are not, doing. He is very much his own.

Brian Martin: You would be hard-pressed to find someone who works as hard as Brian does at writing about the Cowboys and he is always quick to do so in a way that he feels needs to be talked about. His analysis is always sharp and to the point which is a very good thing.

Brandon Loree: Writer and podcaster extraordinaire, Brandon will burn the midnight oil all in the name of making sure the thing that needs to be talked about is in fact discussed. He is incredibly talented in a number of media-related ways and quite the writer on top of it all.

Brandon Clements: Brandon is a passionate Cowboys fan and makes no apologies for that which I love. His enthusiasm is infectious and the kind that draws us closer to one another.

Chris Halling: There is nobody more willing to go the distance on a Cowboys debate with you than Chris Halling, and he always has facts and reason to support what he is saying. He has such a bright future ahead of him and we are all witnesses to it.

Jess Haynie: When you write about the Cowboys you need to make sure to weed out the “Cowboys-ness” that sometimes accompanies the team, but you also need to make sure to be able to read the “Cowboys-ness” and know how it impacts the team. Nobody does that better than Jess.

Sean Martin: Always willing to do what he can to learn and contribute, Sean is a very skilled writer. We benefit greatly from how he approaches the Cowboys and the nuance that he provides.

Matt Holleran: If there is a harder worker than Matt then I would like to meet them. Matt does indeed work tirelessly in the name of providing quality analysis about America’s Team which is a treat for all of us.

Aidan Davis: Aidan always puts forth his highest energy towards a multitude of subjects. His analysis is spot on and clever all at the same time.

Tony Catalina: There are people who love to talk about the Cowboys and then there is Tony Catalina. He is obsessed with this team and channels that in the best way for the greater good.

LP Cruz: Sometimes we all need to be calmed down and LP is the perfect person to run to in those moments. He is always reasoned but unafraid to call the Cowboys out when necessary.

Matthew Arizzi: Whenever there is a question that needs answered Matthew is always around to do it. He is always capable of providing a unique spin and twist on things to help us see the whole picture.

Mike Poland: Our friend from across the pond, Mike is a very talented scout. He loves the Cowboys ferociously and does so from an entirely different continent which many of you know is not an easy thing.

Larry Robinson: Larry puts his passion and creativity into everything that he does. We are fortunate to have him.

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