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The grade Cowboys fans gave the first-round pick of Mazi Smith

The most important grade of them all is in, and that’s from Cowboys fans.

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We’ve given you plenty of grades for the Cowboys draft in the first round and their pick of defensive tackle Mazi Smith. We had one from our own Brian Martin, and a few roundups of picks from around the internet. But we really wanted to hear from you guys, the BTB community. We asked you to vote in a poll grading the pick of Smith, and we now have the results.

The grade of ‘B’ was the one with the most votes, with ‘A’ in second place.

47% of Cowboys fans gave it a ‘B’ which probably speaks to the expectations around the position Smith plays, and the pre-draft rating that had him as a possible early-second-round prospect. The Cowboys obviously thought more of him than that, as evidenced by Jerry Jones saying he was 13th or 14th on their board.

For those of you who voted, head into the comments and give us your view on why you voted how you did. Meanwhile, we’ll all be keeping an eye on Round 2 and 3 tonight.

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