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DeMarcus Ware has chosen Jerry Jones as his presenter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Cowboys Hall of Famer keeps it in the family for his presentation ceremony.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Sizing Saturday Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

We are just now into the first days of spring and all of it has to pass before the summer months arrive and Dallas Cowboys training camp follows. Once the Cowboys are just about done with camp, the NFL pre-season kicks off as it usually does with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, OH. Obviously the HOF game is associated with HOF weekend, and this year will be particularly fun for the Cowboys with DeMarcus Ware and Chuck Howley getting their well-deserved bronze busts and gold jackets.

The Hall is overdue the presence of both Ware and Howley; many felt that Ware should have been a first-ballot HOFer last year when he was first eligible.

DeMarcus Ware has chosen Jerry Jones as his presenter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Thankfully Ware will get his rightful moment about five months from now. Ware is the all-time sack leader in Dallas Cowboys franchise history but his entire career was spent on teams that under-performed, a bitter truth to his time with America’s Team.

Despite the team never winning it all with Ware around he remains one of the best players in franchise history and he is arguably the best draft pick that the team made without Jimmy Johnson as a part of the organization.

Ware clearly feels a strong tie to the Cowboys and particularly to team owner, president and general manager Jerry Jones. It was announced on Thursday that D-Ware has selected Jerry to present him into the Hall of Fame.

We will get to hear Jerry offer some thoughts as the enshrinement is happening and obviously that will be an emotional affair.

Hopefully Ware’s induction into the HOF kickstarts an incredible 2023 season for the Dallas Cowboys that ends with a different sort of celebration in February of 2024. We are all allowed to dream.

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