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Dallas Cowboys schedule 2023 tracker: All reports, leaks, rumors and information you need to know

Information about the Cowboys schedule for this coming season.

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last season was quite memorable for the Dallas Cowboys, but it obviously did not end the way that we all would have hoped. Like we say every year, perhaps this coming season will finally be the one.

It has been 28 years since the Cowboys last won the Super Bowl or even appeared in an NFC Championship Game, and what better time like the present to put an end to the drought? If that is ultimately going to be the case then Dallas is going to have to win a lot of games, and while we have known who they are going to be playing this coming season for a long time, we have not known the order that the games will be happening in.

The NFC East will play the NFC West and AFC East in 2023. As the second place team in the division last year, the Cowboys will also play the teams who finished second in the NFC North, NFC South and AFC West.

We have no idea when exactly each of these games is going to happen which brings us to our current moment. The NFL is set to reveal the 2023 schedule this Thursday, May 11th which means we can finally start setting out the map to Lombardi number six.

While the league has set Thursday aside as the day, the reality of the way that things work is that there will be leaks that trickle out about the schedule and some of them will even be purposeful (like the international games) as the NFL has really made this whole thing an event that is impressively long. We have compiled a tracker as we always do to keep up with all of the reports and rumors concerning the 2023 Dallas Cowboys schedule.

So there you have it. Give us the goods. Let’s party.

Dallas Cowboys schedule reports, leaks, rumors and the like

  • It was announced by NBC that the Cowboys will visit the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football in Week 5 (October 8th) in a rematch of last season’s Divisional Round
  • Arizona Cardinals season ticket holders may or may not have had the home schedule leaked to them and the rumor is that Dallas will visit them in Week 3
  • WFAN’s Brandon Tierney has reported that the Cowboys will visit the Giants in Week 1 on Sunday Night Football
  • The Cowboys will host the Washington Commanders on Thanksgiving Day according to JP Finlay
  • There seems to be some chatter that the Cowboys will host Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets in Week 2
  • It appears that the Cowboys will visit the Commanders in Week 18 which is what happened last season as well
Last updated on Thursday, May 11th at 12:05pm ET.

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