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No International games for the Cowboys in 2023, but that could change in 2024

With the 2023 schedule set to be released, could 2024 be the year Dallas heads elsewhere once again?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

With the anticipation of the NFL schedule release mounting and the slow leak of games trickling out to fans, we now know for sure that the Cowboys will not be taking part in any of the international games in 2023. The NFL will release its full slate of NFL action on Thursday night and then we will have a clear picture of what the Cowboys will be up against this season.

While its already been decided for this season, we know the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones hold real power within the world of the NFL. We also know how much Jerry loves his home games. With the Cowboys having nine away games this year compared to eight at home, you knew that Jerry was not going to be okay with them using one of those opportunities to play abroad instead of an opportunity to play at AT&T Stadium.

However, fast forward and looking at the bigger picture, the year 2024 looks as if the stars may be aligning for that all to change. Due to renovations to the Mexico City site that the NFL typically plays in, the country of Mexico was not an option for this year’s slate of games. All indications are that it will be new and improved for 2024 and perfect for the Dallas Cowboys to come in and put on a show.

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t participated in the international series of games since facing the Jacksonville Jaguars in London in 2014, but Jerry the business man understands the ins and outs of marketing his team and the weight his brand carries. He also knows that in 2024 he will have the opposite schedule of this year with the team hosting nine home games instead of this year’s eight, and the cost of losing a home game in 2024 is not the same as in 2023.

Understanding the draw the Dallas Cowboys are in the country of Mexico with a massive population of Cowboys fans already, combined with not having to be short a home game to take on the travels, this will not only make the Cowboys an option, but Jerry may very well volunteer their services for the game making them an easy choice for the league to make.

Jerry Jones talks about growing the game and the massive appeal the Cowboys have globally, to jump in and be entrenched in a market that is so very rich in Cowboys history already becomes a no-brainer for the team and the league.

We are still more than a year out and we have much to digest before it may become a reality, but as Dallas Cowboys fans it is never too early to prepare for a possible trip to see the ‘world’s team’ in a unique setting.

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