ReDraft 2023 Trade Down

With hindsight, it's always better to trade down. Using the famous non-trade with the Chiefs and subsequent trades that actually happened, I offer for your consideration:


26 = 31,95

58 = 65,188,230

95 = 122,139,168


31 Avila LG/C

65 Sanders LB

90 Ika DT

122 Rush CB

129 Abanikanda RB

139 Perry WR

168 McClendon RT/RG

169 Richards LT/LG

188 Kuntz TE

212 Vaughn RB

230 Johnson SS

244 Hickman FS

Pros: Everyone is starter worthy as a rookie. Avila immediately fixes the OL hole. Sanders is Parsons Jr. Ika is a solid 2-down DT. Kuntz will be as good as Schoonmaker with coaching.

Cons: No Mazi.

If our original draft grade was a B-. then the trade down version is an A, if I say so myself.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.