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Dallas Cowboys running back Deuce Vaughn will have his NFL draft journey shown in a documentary

An opportunity to see more of Deuce Vaughn’s draft journey.

Big 12 Championship - Kansas State v TCU Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Something happened to the Dallas Cowboys during the 2023 NFL Draft that we may never ever see again and that was universally loved. We are of course talking about the team drafting running back Deuce Vaughn, son of team scout Chris Vaughn.

By now you are likely very well-aware of the Deuce Vaughn story, what he did at Kansas State and ultimately just how cool and surreal all of this is. It feels safe to say that Deuce is the player who Cowboys fans are (on average) most excited to see in action.

The Vaughn pick unfolded like a movie for the Cowboys what with the front office allowing Chris to be the one to call his son and officially draft him on behalf of the team. Simply put you just do not see things like this happen every day in the NFL.

Thankfully we will be getting a sort of movie about the whole experience as The Roku Channel is putting together a feature documentary about the NFL Draft and Deuce Vaughn is one of the stories that they will be highlighting. From their official release:

The documentary feature was shot throughout all three days of the 2023 NFL Draft weekend in Kansas City, Mo., behind the scenes in the players green room, as well as several team headquarters, with reporters, broadcast talent, and key league personnel including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The four featured teams are the Carolina Panthers, who selected Bryce Young with the first pick of the draft; the Indianapolis Colts, who chose fellow quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fourth pick of the first round; the Dallas Cowboys, whose selection of running back Deuce Vaughn – the son of longtime team scout Chris Vaughn – in the sixth round became one of the draft’s most memorable moments; and the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the league’s most active teams on the third and final day of a historically frenetic draft that featured the most trades of any in NFL history.

There is no official release date for the documentary (we will of course keep you updated) but it will be made available on The Roku Channel which is a 100% free channel that hosts all sorts of different content including The NFL Channel that has around-the-clock NFL-related things including hundreds of hours of curated, official programming from NFL Films and NFL Media, including classic game replays, documentaries, and originals.

Get ready to see more of how Deuce Vaughn wound up a member of the Dallas Cowboys!

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