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Cowboys DC Dan Quinn specifies Micah Parsons NOT making full-time move to defensive end

An update from the team’s defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, on the status of Micah Parsons.

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It has been two weeks since the 2023 NFL Draft but the Dallas Cowboys have, shocker here, been plenty busy making headlines.

The NFL announced this season’s schedule on Thursday, but even before that the Cowboys saw themselves in the news thanks to a line from pass rusher Micah Parsons. That distinction is important.

Why is it important to note that Parsons is a pass rusher, you ask? Well about a week and a half ago, Parsons mentioned that he was putting on weight in order to play defensive end full time. He played at end over 80% of the time this past season (a big bump from his rookie year) so the news was hardly shocking, but that it was becoming official was of note.

Not so fast.

Dan Quinn said that Micah Parsons is NOT making a full-time move to defensive end

The Cowboys are in the middle of rookie minicamp which means that members of the organization have an opportunity to meet with the local media. It was noted that head coach Mike McCarthy is out and recovering from a back procedure (our best to Mike McCarthy), but various coordinators were behind the proverbial microphone.

This obviously includes defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, and as you can imagine he was asked about Parsons making the move given the recent news. Quinn shut that down pretty quickly.

It is certainly interesting that Dan Quinn specifically said the line “If you ever need position changes, come to me” and noted what he thinks Parsons was trying to say. Perhaps the Cowboys (not saying this in any sort of drama-induced way) were not pleased with Parsons saying what he did. Or maybe they are just hellbent on Parsons continuing to play some linebacker. It is also worth noting just to cover all bases that after this coming season Parsons will be eligible for a contract extension for the first time, and that defensive ends are paid significantly more than linebackers if we lean on the literal definition of things.

Whatever the Cowboys want to list next to Parsons’ name on two deeps, depth charts and/or roster sheets is really irrelevant. He is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and will be deployed as one however makes the most sense.

But don’t call him a defensive end quite yet.

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