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The Dallas Cowboys are considering ‘anybody on Earth’ to be their kicker for the 2023 season

Aliens are excluded from the Cowboys kicking competition.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys need a kicker. Kind of.

Technically speaking, the Cowboys do have a kicker on their roster as we sit in the middle of May, but Tristan Vizcaino should probably be ready for a fight. While many expected the Cowboys to draft a kicker or sign one in undrafted free agency, they chose not to do so (the top kickers were drafted a bit high for what it’s worth) which leaves them all alone with Vizcaino.

Speaking on Saturday at rookie minicamp though, special teams coordinator John Fassel hardly provided a word of confidence for Vizcaino. We all remember how things ended for Brett Maher last season and it appears that Dallas is keeping their options open.

The Cowboys are considering ‘anybody on Earth’ to be their kicker

There are a handful of positions charged with scoring points for NFL teams and kicker, all jokes aside, is one of them. It is very important.

While the Cowboys have yet to really do anything about their kicker situation it does appear that John Fassel is aware that they have to bring somebody in. According to Bones the Cowboys are considering anybody on Earth who is not on their roster. Seriously.

Looking at this seriously and stopping all the fun that we are having... it certainly seems like the Cowboys plan on bringing somebody in. For what it’s worth, Maher did not join the Cowboys last year until training camp which was after their undrafted free agency signing of Jonathan Garibay proved to not be working out. While the kicker position is incredibly important, there is a lot of history that proves you can find a stable one in a pinch.

Perhaps the Cowboys have a name in mind, many want to see them pursue former San Francisco 49ers kicker Robbie Gould. Either way if you are on Earth (if you are not and are reading this then HELLO) it seems like you have a chance!

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