I reviewed Dalton Kincaid Video - He's Legit, but I Prefer Schoonmaker at 58 for What This Offense Wants

If Dallas values the run half as much as they say they do, Dalton with pick 26 would have been a bad investment. Getting a blocking TE and a round later at that, was a much better move.

No, I am not saying Luke is better than Dalton...literally nobody believes that. The value and the fit make Luke the better selection for Dallas, that's all.

Any running team relying on Dalton to block with any regularity will find themselves behind the sticks a TON. He is the real deal as a threat in the passing game...a joy to watch, and he'll beast in Buffalo I think.

Blocking D (at best)

I wouldn't include him in the running game at all at this stage.

His footwork is flawed which sets the whole block up for failure. He doesn't get into position and squared with any degree of consistency.

Shows a propensity to grab as opposed to punch when engaging defenders; afraid it may draw flags at the next level.

Has some ability blocking in space against smaller DBs but can be had by quick changes of direction.

Receiving - A

He excels in all aspects of pass catching.

Hands, Hands, Hands. Dalton is a natural hands catcher. He does a great job concentrating and reeling in passes with arms extended whether overhead, behind him or underthrown. Does a great job using his reach paired with his body to shield would be defenders and make contested catches.

Runs crisps, smooth routes. Gets into his stem and accelerates instantly. Snaps his head around on his break and is always ready for the ball. Runs a quick out that should be taught in clinics!

Between his athleticism and his never ending effort Dalton is a YAC machine! He goes over, around and through defenders. No weak tackles here.


In the right scheme Dalton is an absolute weapon...Buffalo you say? I'm phoning in my bet for him as OROY. In Dallas he might've been a walking flag with the way he grabs on them running plays lol.

Dalton Kincaid Video review:

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