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Blogging The Boys Tuesday thread: Life after the 2023 NFL Draft

We’re ready to talk about things now that the Cowboys draft is over.

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL Draft is the biggest event of the offseason, and while we are on the other side of it, we still have a long ways to go until the Dallas Cowboys are back playing football on a weekly basis.

Thankfully we have things like rookie minicamp, OTAs and the schedule release (reportedly set to happen next Thursday by the way) to keep us busy, but consider that it hasn’t even been three months since the Super Bowl and we still have over three months to go until Week 1. Apologies for the glum realization.

Still, though, we love to talk about football, and specifically love to do so with everyone here at Blogging The Boys. Welcome to our Tuesday thread where you are free to discuss whatever you’d like.

Have at it. Let’s party. Light this candle and let’s have a rip-roaring good time, friends.

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