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Dallas Cowboys mailbag: Questions on left guard, Dalvin Cook addition plus more

People have questions about the Cowboys, and we strive to provide the answers.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Every week, we will be taking questions on Twitter and Facebook about Dallas Cowboys players and other questions surrounding the team. So let’s get right into it.

“What are your thoughts on Matt Farniok playing the LG spot?

(Submitted by brettpete1999 via Twitter)

Brandon: Farniok has become the new Connor McGovern — someone the Cowboys have kept on the team to continue developing in hopes he becomes the next starter. As a seventh-round pick, the expectations shouldn’t be the Pro Bowl, but he should be able to compete with everyone else in camp. Farniok is also the most versatile offensive lineman with the ability to play guard, center, and potentially tackle. I worked at the facility where he trained before the NFL combine, and I can say he has the right attitude, work ethic, and drive to take on the role of left guard.

Mike: I’m a fan of Farniok but only as a swing guard that can come in and help the line when it’s in a pinch. Last year the offensive line was hit hard with injuries and if the same was to happen this year then it’s possible we get some added Farniok action. He’s not a bad guard, but Tyler Smith playing left guard is more the way this goes I feel. Also depending what the coaches feel about Josh Ball at left guard, which Mike McCarthy has talked a lot about, then he could be the first choice. But don’t forget about Chuma Edoga who is more than capable, he just needs to get his chance and will surprise I feel in practice.

“Should the Cowboys pick up Dalvin Cook from the Vikings?

(Submitted by Bradley Neuville via Facebook)

Brandon: He hasn’t been released yet from the Minnesota Vikings, but there is growing speculation he will be a post-June 1st cut from the team. The way Mike McCarthy talked about filling the void of Ezekiel Elliott this week, it should put a wet blanket on the Cowboys taking a look at Cook. McCarthy mentioned they want Pollard to take on the lead role but are also confident in their young backs on the roster, like Malik Davis and Deuce Vaughn. Ronald Jones was brought in to be another veteran back and should compete with Rico Dowdle for the fourth running back spot if the Cowboys carry four.

Mike: In a vacuum I love the idea of Dalvin Cook at Dallas. I’ve always been a big fan of his, his issue early on in his NFL career was trying to stay healthy. He has elite levels of burst at the running back position and can carve up defenses in an instant. The issue is the Cowboys have franchised Tony Pollard meaning they are already paying one back over $10 million dollars and Cook could cost something similar. That’s a lot of cap allocation for two running backs. For now I say let’s see what the guys they already have look like and work out the committee in the backfield from there.

“Are the Cowboys really better off with more WR talent and less RB talent?

(Submitted by andrewsrod via Twitter)

Brandon: It’s a great question. Think about it this way. In 2018 when the Cowboys thought they could go into the season with Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin as their top wideouts was that the best solution, even though they had prime Ezekiel Elliott on the roster? It was a bad idea, and they traded for Amari Cooper. There’s only so much a dominant running back can do for an offense. Look at the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans. Both teams have arguably two of the top five backs in the NFL, Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry. However, their teams lacked the talent needed at wide receiver to have a successful season or advance further in the playoffs.

Dak Prescott is the most proven quarterback in the NFC this season. The Cowboys have surrounded him with all the help he needs at wide receiver because Dallas will only go as far as No. 4 takes them.

Mike: The best way this offense works is through the eyes of Dak Prescott. The strength of this team should be the wide receiver corps so making this position stronger only helps the offense exponentially. If you also look at the type of running backs the Cowboys have (Pollard, Vaughn and Luepke), they are all dual-action running backs that are pretty good as receivers. I know people will talk about Dak's interceptions last year, but I fully expect those numbers to come back down to earth after an unlucky season in that category. Having a dynamic passing attack will then help the running game in turn.

Poll Of The Week: Finally on the Mailbag we asked you which player will get the most sacks other than Micah Parsons for the Cowboys this year. Here are the results and our take on the poll.

Brandon: This was our most popular Mailbag Poll to date, so thank you guys and girls for voting. Having said that, Sam Williams is probably the correct answer after leading the team in tackles for loss with limited snaps, but don’t count out the veteran players just yet. DeMarcus Lawrence should always be in the conversation, especially if you believe in signs. The first three games in 2017 during his All-Pro season were against the New York Giants, Denver Broncos (AFC opponent), and Arizona Cardinals. He will face the Giants, New York Jets (AFC opponent), and Cardinals this year. It might be nothing, but he had 6.5 sacks during the three-game stretch.

Also, Dante Fowler getting just two percent of the vote is crazy. He was really productive for Dallas in his first year with the team, and getting another shot to play under Dan Quinn with more experience under his belt could be scary.

Mike: Sam Williams is ready to break out and we got asked last week in the mailbag who we expect to breakout this year and he was my answer. This year I even think Williams will have higher levels of production than DeMarcus Lawrence. The crazy hot-take for me that will make everyone go wild in the comments section - will this be the last season Micah Parsons is the sack leader for Dallas and next season Sam Williams takes that crown?

Be sure to check @kenfigkowboy and @brandoniswrite on Twitter and also Facebook for the weekly post, asking you for your questions for the weekly mailbag. Check for the Poll of The Week on Twitter. Many thanks to everyone that sends in your questions and votes.

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