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Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Offensive tackle Earl Bostick Jr.

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on Kansas offensive lineman Earl Bostick Jr.

Kansas v Oklahoma Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Earl Bostick Jr. was handed a three-star recruit rating out of high school by 247 Sports and joined the Kansas Jayhawks in 2017. From 2017 to the end of the 2019 season, Bostick Jr. played only 147 total snaps and mostly as inline tight end type. In 2020, he earned a starting position at right tackle but also played snaps at left tackle. In 2021, he became Kansas’ full time left tackle. In his six years playing for Kansas, Bostick Jr. played 1,101 pass blocking snaps and allowed 52 pressures and seven sacks. His most effective season was in 2022 when he allowed only one sack and 13 pressures, all at the left tackle position.


Height- 6’6”
Weight- 309
Hands- 9 1/2
Arm Length- 34 1/8
Wingspan- 80 3/4

NFL Combine/Pro Day (Percentile)

10-Yard Split- 1.74s (75%)
40-Yard Time- 5.06s (87%)
Vert- 31 (83%)
Broad- 111 (89%)
3C- 7.60s (74%)
Shuttle- 4.63s (74%)
Bench- 21 (25%)


Overall- 57.8/100 (Priorty UDFA)
Pass Blocking- 77/100
Run Blocking- 42/100
Speed- 92/100
Strength- 71/100
Acceleration- 95/100
Agility- 87/100

The Positives:

  • Good reactor to the snap and throughout the play.
  • Has a high degree of awareness on passing plays.
  • Has elite levels of speed and burst which he uses to great effect on pass blocks, kick-slides and combo blocks.
  • His speed and acceleration come in great use when getting to the second level.
  • High effort player.
  • No issues blocking while on the move.
  • Efficient and smooth in his movement on pass blocks.
  • Doesn’t sap his energy on every play, always looking ready for more after each play.
  • High levels of agility skills and stays well balanced remaining on his toes.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Lacks the power and aggression on run blocks.
  • Lacks consistency on run plays.
  • Punch lacks accuracy.
  • Kansas’ blocking scheme meant he always had assistance blocking on the edge.
  • A lot of waist bending during run plays which further disrupts his strength to over power defenders.
  • Lunges far too often versus speed rushers.

The Evaluation:

Earl Bostick Jr. is a high athlete lineman with great movement skills and speed. He has a streamline frame and ideal length suited in the modern game, especially in pass blocking. His most valued trait is his explosiveness and also how stable and smooth he his while he shifts around on pass sets. It is his elite burst that then helps him get his hands onto defenders quickly and hold up his man. His biggest issue however is power and strength. He lacks it by a country mile and really shows while run blocking.

All too often he struggles in run blocking against both power and speed and this will be the biggest focus of his development. He struggles at times in setting an effective base which then causes him to lose balance, this is most concerning due to his lack of power. If he can put on a little more weight, mostly in muscle to help hold on run plays, he could develop into a helpful swing tackle for Dallas in the next couple of seasons. But his movement skills, fluent pass blocking technique and ideal length for the position is a lot to take note of at this stage.

Consensus Ranking:

Roster Forecast:
Practice squad

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