Free Agents: Breaking Point Theory

The Cowboys roster can survive a few injuries to certain starters, but losing specific players would effectively break the team and end the (competitive) season. Wouldn't it be smart to use some of the $22M in cap room to prevent us reaching that breaking point?

It's a rhetorical question. Of course the FO should be addressing this soon, but with whom? Let's do a quick survey:

Dak. As much as I love what Rush did last year, no Dak, no SB. There are no FA QB that are much better than Rush or Grier or who want a back up job or are affordable. Move on.

Pollard. He's the star of the RBs, but can Jones, Davis, Deuce salvage the position? Having Kareen Hunt in our back pocket would make me feel better and he's not gonna be expensive. But let's call this safeguard priority a nice-to-have.

Lamb: If you close your eyes and compare to last year, Cooks can replace Lamb, a healthy Gallup can replace a gimpy Gallup and Tolbert can play to his draft pedigree. Let's say not a priority.

Biadasz: I think we are not in love with our alternate pro bowl center, but if he goes down, you don't want Farniok or one of those practice squad guys as our starter. Defcon 3.

Tyler Smith. He's the "flex" star of the OL, manning OT or OG expertly (we're expecting). But if he's out, then we're banking on a healthy Tron and Steele ... or a surprising Waletzko blossoming. Defcon 3.

Zack Martin. The difference between him and a 2nd best guard not named Tyler is a huge gulf. Do you like Edoga, Farniok, Ball? You drink your own bathwater. Defcon 2. Wait, we don't have a LG that's NFL ready, despite what the FO would have you believe. Make that Defcon 1.

Micah Parsons. Well he's a pass rush guy now, but luckily we have Williams, Fowler, more snaps for Armstrong, possibly McKinley or Fehoko. DLaw might put up a better pressures year. Another nice-to-have FA need.

Mazi/Osa. Without Mazi, we are in the same place as 2022. Troublesome, but not crippling. Without Osa, who is going to push the pocket? This is where I'm banking on Gallimore, Gholston to step up. But should I? Defcon 3.

LVE/Clark: These are our run stoppers policing the middle of the field, among other things. I doubt Cox, Harper, Overshown can fill their shoes, although DQ could scheme for the loss of one. Hence, it's a nice to have FA need.

Diggs/Gilmore. If one goes down, then we're in the same situation as last year after Brown went out. Not good, but imaginably survivable if Joseph man's up or Bland keeps getting better. A nice to have FA situation.

Hooker. How important is free safety and how good is Isreal Makuamu, if he's even playing FS. As for SS, we're good, but I think FS is important enough to scour the FA market. Defcon 3.

Assuming this is all true, then we should be signing these guys:

OL: Wynn/Risner, Jackson/Turner/Cann/Schofield, Hudson/Jones (sign 2) $10=15M

DT: Shelby Harris, Iooannidis $3M

FS: Jonathan Owens (Simone Biles husband) $1M

LB, RB: maybe

Arguably, we need cap money to extend Diggs this year and Lamb next year, I guess. But I'd try to win the SB in 2023 first.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.