NFL Film Review - TE Luke Schoonmaker - Michigan - Drafted 2nd Round 58 Overall - Dallas Cowboys

NFL Film Review - TE Luke Schoonmaker - Michigan - Drafted 2nd Round 58 Overall - Dallas Cowboys

NFL Film Review - TE Luke Schoonmaker

TE Luke Schoonmaker - My Initial feedback after watching two games. If my thoughts change after watching more I will do an updated video.

Blocking - B - Luke is heralded as a blocking TE, and I can see why.

He lines up in various positions and is able to block effectively whether inline, on the wing or on the move from the slot or lined up at FB.

His willingness to block is his greatest asset, followed closely by his textbook technique. His stance is consistently well balanced, affording him the ability to get moving in any direction with no wasted motion. He follows through - even a little after the whistle.

His head is always on a swivel, looking for a man to block, when he is in space. With improved strength to hold up against some of the bigger competition he'll face on the next level this grade could easily bump up to an A.

Receiving - C - In Michigan's run heavy offense the TEs weren't featured a ton in the pass game.

Often on film Luke displayed characteristics that lead me to believe he could be a solid pass catcher at the next level, but not dynamic. It's been lauded that he has tested great physically, but I don't see the same on tape.

I do see his tactician like abilities (similar to his blocking traits) - he has a picture-perfect stance and releases laterally just as effortlessly as he does straight forward. He is an excellent hand fighter (seems to favor a slap and chop combo) at the 1st and 2nd level releases.

He gets into the stem of his route almost immediately and accelerates quickly, forcing defenders to respect the 3 way go - his ability to attack inside, outside or up the seam.

His breaks are fluid and quick and he gets his eyes to the QB in timely fashion. He does appear to drift as he gets deeper into his routes - not sure if there is a lack of technique or a mental lapse due to so few targets, but I am certain he can rectify it at the next level.

Those athletic scores don't show up once he's caught the ball as evidenced on most plays by minimal YAC (if any).

Conclusion - I can't speak to his value relative to his draft position until I've reviewed others in his class, but I can speak to his ability relative to the current TEs on Dallas' roster. He is better than Ferguson was coming out and he has more athletic traits then Ferguson has - by a mile. His pristine technique leads me to believe he is coachable. If so, I bet Lunda Wells turns him in to a reliable TE1 in Dallas by year 2.

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