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Blogging The Boys discussion: Listing stadiums you have seen the Dallas Cowboys play in

We want to know where you have seen the Dallas Cowboys play!

NFL: APR 27 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It cannot be said enough. The best, the absolute best, part about Blogging The Boys is the community here. That we can all unite (mostly!) under one common goal through the lens of our favorite football team will never not be the coolest thing in the world.

So obviously we all love the Dallas Cowboys. We watch, we root, we agonize, we discuss, that is the life of being a football fan.

An element to being a football fan is watching your team play, and while that mostly happens on television, it also happens in person as well. We have a number of users who have seen the Cowboys play both at AT&T Stadium as well as other venues whether that be because of a road trip or because that was the closest building to the fan in question. Our stories are all unique.

Today we want to hear from all of you to see where all you have seen the Cowboys play. I’ll start and lay out an example of sorts.

Personally I have seen the Cowboys play games both at Texas Stadium, including the final game there unfortunately, as well as AT&T Stadium (including when it was known as Cowboys Stadium). In 2014 my Dad and I started taking a road trip every year in an effort to see more stadiums and we saw some pretty incredible games:

  • 2014 at Chicago (Thursday night): Cole Beasley caught two touchdowns in the win
  • 2015 at Green Bay: The La’el Collins emergence, amazingly the warmest December game ever at Lambeau Field at the time, I’m not sure if that still holds up honestly
  • 2016 at Pittsburgh: We all remember how amazing it was
  • 2017 at Oakland: The index card! Jeff Heath!
  • 2018 at Atlanta: Brett Maher was clutch
  • 2018 at Indianapolis: Dallas got blanked, but we all knew they were going to win the East
  • 2019 at New England: The monsoon still haunts me

It has been a few years (obviously) since we took a trip but this year we have talked about San Francisco a bit. We will see.

For now we want to hear where you have seen the Cowboys play. Let’s go.

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