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Blogging The Boys Thursday thread: It definitely feels like the summer break

Our Thursday open thread for discussion.

AUTO: MAY 07 F1 Miami Grand Prix Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are squarely in the middle of June which means that all is mostly quiet on the NFL front.

Additionally other major sports in the United States are wrapping up as well. This week the Denver Nuggets won the NBA Championship as well as the Las Vegas Golden Knights taking home the Stanley Cup. Both teams won titles for the first time in their respective franchise history, although Las Vegas hardly had to wait as long as they sort of barely joined the NHL.

Until football returns, Major League Baseball is the only consistent play. This weekend has the U.S. Open which is nice as well as the Canadian Grand Prix, but if you are as obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys as much as we are, you are ultimately counting down the days until training camp begins late next month.

What is on your mind? How are you feeling? Is there anything you would like to talk about?

This is our Thursday open thread. Let’s have a good day.

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