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Dallas Cowboys center Tyler Biadasz is focused on being the best center in the NFL in 2023

The Cowboys center enters an important year for both the team and himself personally.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of contracts to tend to in the coming months, much has been said and discussed on this front. With each passing day a bit more sand drips down the hourglasses of Trevon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, and to a different degree, both Dak Prescott and Micah Parsons. Sooner or later (sooner) the Cowboys are going to have to write some pretty big checks.

It is often said that you cannot pay everyone their worth on an NFL team, and while that is true, it is important not to let high-level contributors slip through the cracks. When discussing players in need of contracts in the near future, above are the names constantly brought up, and every now and then offensive tackle Terence Steele manages to squeeze his way into the conversation.

Even with Steele’s inclusion, we are still leaving somebody that exists at the center of things, quite literally, out of the discussion.

Tyler Biadasz is focused on being the best center in 2023, a contract year for him

We know full well that the upcoming 2023 season is a contract year for cornerback Trevon Diggs thanks to all of the discussions that have been had as noted up above. It is also a contract year for another member of the Diggs (and Lamb) draft class.

We are talking about center Tyler Biadasz. You may have forgotten by now that the Cowboys traded up to draft Biadasz in 2020 (with the Philadelphia Eagles of all teams) and he has allowed them to sort of Indiana Jones idol swap players at center as they dealt with the retirement of Travis Frederick that very same offseason. One Wisconsin Badger out, one Wisconsin Badger in.

Biadasz is not a player who speaks often or does too many media appearances, but he did show up on Thursday’s edition of Good Morning Football to discuss a variety of things, including how important the season is for both the team and him personally. You can watch a portion of the interview right here.

Biadasz fielded some of the standard Cowboys questions of this offseasonlike how the team is handling moving on from running back Ezekiel Elliott and he was also probed on which defensive line is most difficult to go against. He didn’t really answer the latter, but he did mention that Philly is a rather loud environment overall.

At the beginning of the interview, he was asked about 2023 and the significance that it has for everyone involved as mentioned. His answer was rather chalk but still a reminder of what’s at stake for both he and the Cowboys as a whole this year.

“Just being the top center in the league. That’s the goal. And you know, win a championship.”

Like his predecessor, the aforementioned Travis Frederick, Biadasz is a rather quiet person. His answers were short and to the point for the most part. The portion of the interview where he was the most animated was when he was doing yoga with the group. Seriously.

Biadasz mentioned that yoga and meditation are important to him and his overall health. Part of his appearance on GMFB was actually to promote another important thing in his life, his Center of Change Foundation which is helping to fight against food insecurity. You can learn more about them at their temporary website by clicking right here.

It is certainly true that the Cowboys cannot pay everybody, but Biadasz has been one of their more consistent players for almost all of his three-year career to this point. It would behoove the Cowboys to get something done with him before things potentially get more expensive next offseason.

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