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Cowboys countdown to kickoff: #84 Sean McKeon

The Dallas Cowboys face the New York Giants in Week 1. and we’re counting down to it by jersey numbers.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We’re continuing our countdown to the opening game of the Dallas Cowboys 2023 regular season. Each day we’ll present a new player whose jersey number represents the countdown to opening day. Today is number 84.

TE Sean McKeon
Born: 28th December 1997 (25) - Dudley, Massachusetts
College: Michigan Wolverines
Draft: 2020, UDFA, Dallas Cowboys

2022 Stats:
Total Snaps: 335
Offensive Snaps: 143 (14%)
Targets: 2
Receptions: 2
Yards: 11
Yards Per Catch: 5.5

Sean McKeon spent the majority of his time at Michigan either on special team plays or utilized as an extra blocker. He did have moments during his college career where he helped dominate a game, like against Purdue in 2017, but he was always the backup or support tight end during his time at Michigan. After four years playing for the Wolverines he had 60 receptions for 668 yards and scored six receiving touchdowns. His run blocking during his senior year was some of the best on the team. McKeon and Luke Schoonmaker played together for two seasons.

Cowboys Review:
The Cowboys were so eager to keep McKeon around and help him develop that during his rookie season the team kept four tight ends on the roster which included McKeon. So far in Dallas he’s been used primarily the same way he was in Michigan. He hasn’t been featured much on offense as a receiver but has over 260 snaps as a blocker in the last three seasons. Where McKeon features the most for Dallas has been on special team duties, and last season was one of the most used players on special teams. As a receiver he has six receptions for 38 yards and one touchdown since joining the team in 2020.

2023 Roster Projection:
The tight end room at Dallas has become very specialized in terms of the players they have occupying the spaces. The biggest issue for McKeon is the newly drafted tight end that also hails from Michigan. Unless he can keep up his special teams role, it could be a reduced season for McKeon. But there’s no denying his abilities on both special team plays and as a blocker; it’s just a case of numbers.

Projected 2023 Stats:
Snaps: 270
Special Teams Snaps: 210
Targets: 2
Receptions: 1
Yards: 6

The Big Question:
How much will McKeon play this year? Answer in the comments section.

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