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Former Dallas Cowboys WR Randall Cobb believes Dak Prescott is an elite quarterback in the NFL

Randall Cobb gives his opinion on the subject of how good Dak Prescott is as a quarterback.

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We have all been there. Whatever side of the aisle you fall on, odds are that you have spent time on the internet arguing about Dak Prescott and the “E” word. You know the one.


It is a word that incites the most intense debates when talking about quarterbacks in the NFL. It is the kind of club that once you enter you have lifetime membership towards, but entry is hard to come by, particularly as far as the consensus is concerned.

As you are likely well-aware tying the word elite to Dak Prescott can incite quite the riot and it appears that one current NFL player is down to play the role of The Joker.

Welcome to the chat, Randall Cobb.

Randall Cobb believes Dak Prescott is an elite quarterback in the NFL

One of the biggest stories in the NFL right now is the New York Jets and that quarterback who they traded for this offseason. You know, Aaron Rodgers. He haunts us all.

Rodgers’ status vaults a Jets team that plays in the media capital of the world into a different stratosphere of discussion, plus the fact that the Jets brought several of his friends into the fold with him makes things more intense.

One of those friends happens to be wide receiver Randall Cobb. As Cowboys fans we know Cobb from the 2019 season that he spent with the team, a productive year for both he and the club. Cobb has proven to be somebody that Rodgers trusts and wants around, and while speaking on Wednesday he was asked what it was like to be apart from him for the time that he was, and Randall said something rather interesting.

Like Mike McCarthy, the first stop Randall Cobb made after his time with the Green Bay Packers (the first go around) was with the Cowboys. Randall caught 55 passes for 828 yards and three touchdowns during the 2019 season in Dallas.

It was that 2019 campaign which really saw Dak Prescott take a sizable step forward in terms of his abilities as a passer. While Cobb only played one season with Prescott, it is obvious that Dak made quite the impact on him, so much so that Cobb felt comfortable bringing up the word elite all on his own.

For what it’s worth, Cobb also noted his time with then-Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson but used the specific words “very good player” when talking about him. Read into things how you’d like, but it appears that Cobb thinks rather highly of Dak Prescott.

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