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Poll: How many Dallas Cowboys should make the NFL Top 100 list of 2023?

Forecasting how many Cowboys players will be put inside of the top 100.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We have reached the final week of June and are squarely in the middle of the doldrums of the NFL offseason. The Dallas Cowboys will head to Oxnard for training camp in about a month, but until then we have nothing to do except watch the grains of sand drip in the hourglass of summer.

This time of year is a few things (hot is definitely one) and one of them is the time in which NFL Network begins to release their annual NFL Top 100 list.

The NFL Top 100 is hardly a measurement of who the best players in the NFL really are, at least the way it is hyped up to be. When it first started, the list (touted as one that the players themselves vote on which is supposed to lend credibility to it) was an interesting exercise but given the last 5-6 years its reputation has withered.

It will still be a bit before the list is released and while nobody is holding their breath to find out who is going to show up where, the probability of Cowboys players finding themselves on it is rather high.

But how many will there be?

How many Cowboys should make the NFL Top 100 list?

For the purposes of this question I am asking it to myself as fairly as possible and not trying to exactly predict what the list will yield. Basically our prompt today is to answer how many Cowboys we truly believe are within the top 100 of all total NFL players.

Recently CBS Sports put together their own top 100 and their list featured four Cowboys:

  • #8: Micah Parsons
  • #25: Zack Martin
  • #48: CeeDee Lamb
  • #75: Stephon Gilmore

Dak Prescott, Trevon Diggs and Tony Pollard were all listed as honorable mentions, which if included gives the Cowboys a total of seven players named.

Interestingly, the Cowboys had seven players named to the Pro Bowl last season and while the NFL’s annual All-Star game has also dipped in quality over the years, it is at least another measurement for us to look at. While the numbers were the same at seven (when including honorable mentions), Stephon Gilmore was obviously not on the Cowboys at the time and Dak Prescott was not named to the Pro Bowl given that he missed five games last year. DeMarcus Lawrence and KaVontae Turpin were the other two players besides the remaining five that made the Pro Bowl.

Looking at the intersection of these two lists it stands to reason that Parsons, Martin, Lamb, Diggs and Pollard have a good chance of making the NFL Top 100. Prescott is certainly one of the best 100 players in the league if you factor in positional value, and Lawrence is forever underrated but doesn’t have sack numbers that most are looking for which is what leads to him being over-looked.

Perhaps Stephon Gilmore’s reputation will also lead to him having a spot on the NFL Top 100 but he was a part of an Indianapolis Colts team last season that was pretty bad which may leave him out. Five seems like a solid guess with a sixth and seventh maybe squeaking their way in.


How many Cowboys do you think will make the NFL Top 100?

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