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Cowboys updates from Stephen Jones on DeAndre Hopkins and pending contract situations

The Cowboys EVP, Stephen Jones, gave some updates on different contract situations.

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Things are expected to heat up just a little bit this week for the Dallas Cowboys with mandatory minicamp beginning on Tuesday, but that obviously leaves Monday before we get there. Thankfully for all of us, team EVP Stephen Jones was behind the microphone as the Cowboys announced that the East-West Shrine game will be played at the Ford Center next February.

While Jones discussed the immediate matter at hand, he also touched on other topics related to the current team.

It seems the Cowboys are not exactly in on DeAndre Hopkins

Over a week has gone by since the Arizona Cardinals released wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and while he does not have a new NFL home quite yet, there are some Cowboys fans holding out hope that he will join America’s Team.

Stephen Jones did not outright say that this would not happen, but he just about did. He noted that the team is very happy with where they are at and mentioned the acquisition of Brandin Cooks almost in a “this is what we did instead” sort of way.

While the prospect of Hopkins joining the offense is a fun one to talk about, there is legitimate logic to the Cowboys passing, presuming Hopkins wants a sizable contract wherever he winds up. The salary cap can certainly be manipulated but it is a real thing that has to be accounted for (no pun intended).

And the Cowboys have a handful of contractually-related things to address as well.

The Cowboys are hopeful to figure things out with CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs and Terence Steele

As we are now in June the Cowboys have received their post-June 1st salary cap relief from the release of Ezekiel Elliott. While some may want to see that devoted to a player like Hopkins, the stronger likelihood is that the Cowboys invest it in players currently on the team.

It is no secret that new deals are going to be necessary for CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs and Terence Steele soon. Lamb had his fifth-year option exercised by the team this offseason so there is more time on the clock there, but as it stands both Diggs and Steele (RFA) are entering contract years with the team. It seems the Cowboys want to hopefully take care of things on that end, too.

Over the weekend, ESPN reported that the Cowboys and Diggs have had contact on a contract in a very preliminary sense.

While Lamb, Diggs and Steele are mentioned here, it is slightly noteworthy that center Tyler Biadasz is not. This is not to say that the Cowboys are not potentially just as interested in working out a long-term deal with Biadasz, but like Diggs and Steele, he too is entering a contract year with the team. Getting things done before the sand in the hourglass is up is never a bad thing.

A potential trade out is not off the table

While we have spent a lot of time talking about players we want to see the Cowboys bring in it is always possible that they send players on their way, too.

Stephen Jones noted that the Cowboys could possibly move a player before training camp.

The Cowboys have some depth at defensive end and depending on what kind of mood you are in at other positions on their roster. Whether or not they decided to ship one out remains to be seen, but obviously nothing is ever off the table.

The Cowboys worked out a few players

While Stephen Jones did his fair share of talking there was another opportunity for Jerry Jones to hold court which he certainly did.

Interesting Jerry noted that the Cowboys worked out a handful of players. He also (shocker here) did not rule out a return for Ezekiel Elliott.

Jerry also threw some cool water on the Hopkins front so it stands to reason that he was not one of the players present for said workout.

Jourdan Lewis could start the season on PUP

The Cowboys are going to see Jourdan Lewis coming back from an injury this season and it appears that he may need some extra time. Stephen Jones noted that Lewis may begin on PUP.

Perhaps the Cowboys want to hedge their bet a little bit at corner. We will see.

Update: 2:05pm ET

One last note from Monday... Jerry Jones was asked if there would be any additions to the Ring of Honor this year and, well, you can guess how that went.

It remains incredibly frustrating for Dallas Cowboys fans that Jimmy Johnson, a literal Pro Football Hall of Fame member, is still being excluded from the Ring of Honor. It is an annual thing now to lament this every June.

Don’t believe me? Consider last June when Jerry shot down the idea less than a full year after vowing that Jimmy would be put in the Ring during Jimmy’s HOF weekend of all things.

We all continue to wait.

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