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The new Cowboys offense has officially been given a nickname from the quarterbacks

The Cowboys have established a new name for their new-look offense.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory minicamp is almost in the books for the Dallas Cowboys and when it is they will put things on ice until reconvening for training camp in late July. The Cowboys hold training camp in Oxnard, California where the weather is, well, absolutely perfect. Summertime on the West Coast is hard to be mad at (the nights are rather chilly in some areas) so it makes sense for the team to post up there.

While the West Coast is an area of the country, it is also the name of one of the oldest systems of offense in modern football. You well know that Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is a student of the West Coast offense and that the offenses he has called have been primarily based on it.

As the new play-caller for the Cowboys it makes sense that we would see a little bit more of this type of action and/or aerial attack, and with the team practicing lately they have been implementing it. Quarterback Dak Prescott spoke on Wednesday and mentioned that the team has come up with a nickname of sorts for their offense, one that makes sense with their own geographic area but incorporates the principles that their system was born from - Texas Coast.

At present time it is difficult to discern exactly what the Cowboys offense is going to look like. State secrets such as these are held close to the vest this time of year, although camp will obviously offer a larger peek behind the curtain.

This is clearly a lighthearted comment from Prescott but it serves as an indication at the transformation (a big word, but something that is literally happening) that is occurring to the offense with Mike McCarthy running the show. Just how successful the Texas Coast winds up being will impact a lot of people, namely McCarthy, so let’s all hope that it is incredible enough that people remember the name forever.

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