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Madden 24: Trevon Diggs intercepts Kirk Cousins in release trailer, Micah Parsons lays him out

The release trailer for EA’s latest edition of Madden features two prominent Cowboys showing off on defense.

EA Sports Madden NFL on YouTube

Recently an annual rite of passage for the NFL offseason occured when the popular video game series Madden revealed their cover for the upcoming game. EA Sports also provided a reveal trailer to show off things slated to be in the next edition of the game.

Once upon a time who would be on the cover of the game sparked great debate among football fans, but like the game’s franchise mode, there has been a gradual decline in that capacity. Nevertheless Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen will be on the cover this year.

You can watch the gameplay trailer that we mentioned right here.

If you are unaware there is a bit of discord when it comes to the game these days. Many users feel that the game has declined in overall quality over the years to the point that this year’s edition is reportedly a “make or break” campaign for those involved.

What exactly this year’s game looks like still remains to be seen but for now all we can do is go off of the trailer (which didn’t even have updated uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals who announced new ones six weeks ago). As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, they were represented in the trailer which is par for the course, although purely on defense with Trevon Diggs intercepting a pass thrown by Kirk Cousins at what appears to be AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys do not play the Minnesota Vikings in 2023, for what it is worth.

After the interception is thrown Micah Parsons can be seen throwing something himself, a block on the aforementioned Cousins which sees Captain Kirk flail on the way to the ground. The trailer then shows Parsons getting in Kirk’s face in a sort of trash-talking way.

If we were to pretend that this happened in real life, this would surely net a penalty, no? Imagine Parsons blasting Cousins to the ground and then getting up and rubbing his finger in his face after the fact. 15 yards, right away.

As improbable as this seems to be, the overall result is pretty chalk considering the Cowboys vanquished the Vikings last season with relative ease by a score of 40-3 on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. You may recall that the game in question saw Parsons force a Cousins’ fumble as the first real domino in a line that was all Dallas.

Who is going to get this year’s edition of the game? Did you have any knowledge of the heat that the game has caught in recent years? Head down to the comment section and let us know.

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